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How to Remove WhatsApp Chat Messages Sent By Mistake?

Good news for WhatsApp users, after several suggestions and concerns from its users, WhatsApp has finally implemented a feature that will let message senders delete the sent message before and even after reading the text/media chats by the recipient.

Because if you sent something by mistake, Whatsapp gives another option to recall the message by deleting it from the recipient's devices. The features which are almost similar to Microsofts Outlook e-mail recall message functionality.

Caution: This feature(option) to delete the sent chat messages will automatically vanish after 7 minutes from the posted time. So always remember mistakes can be corrected only when you realize that it's a mistake and plunge into action before it's not too late.

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How to Delete Sent/Delivered or Read WhatsApp Chats?
This feature is applicable to both individual chats and group chats, Just follow the below steps to erase WhatsApp chats messages immediately within 7 minutes from both sender and receiver even if the chat is already delivered or viewed. 
  1. Visit the Google play store and update the latest WhatsApp messenger version(2.17.395) or higher. 
  2. Once Whatsapp is updated, Just tap and hold on to the text/media chat sent after the update and click on delete icon at the top, 
    Tap and Hold on the Chat to be Deleted
  3. Immediately a window prompts to select an option with the below user action, 
    1. Delete For Me - Deletes the text/media chat only from your device
    2. Cancel - To cancel the current delete action
    3. Delete For Everyone - Deletes from both sender and receiver App
  4. Simply select "Delete For Everyone" to delete the text/media chat messages from the sender and receiver end. [Note: Media files such as photos and videos can be saved on your device.
    Tap on Delete for Everyone to Remove the content from both the participants
  5. Now the text is deleted, however, the trace will still subsist with a message like below screenshot.
    This screenshot reveals that someone posted chat but deleted it immediately
  6. So now you know how fast you should react to your mistakes in Whatsapp Messages.
Note: This feature is applicable only for the upcoming text messages sent/posted after the successful latest version update, Deleting the message sent before the updates or after 10 minutes of text delivered will have no option to delete the text message.

What if the content posted on WhatsApp is more than 7 minutes?
If the user is offline(content is not delivered) then you've another chance to delete the chat messages that you don't wish the receiver to view.

To know more about how to delete sent but not delivered WhatsApp Messages. visit the below link

How to Download WhatsApp Status Videos and Photos(Media Files)

Is quite common that almost anything you post on social media goes viral, despite the content uniqueness and entertaining, it's the "share" utility that droves the content to hit many people in a very short interval.

But have you ever tried to share (or) download WhatsApp status videos and photos into your device to share/save your favorite WhatsApp statuses shared by friends/contacts? without using any other third party applications. If not then try now, you can observe that by default such facility is not yet implemented in this social messenger giant with several billion users.

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Download Whatsapp Videos and Photos Status:-
Always remember whatever played or viewed on your device do not emerge directly from the source portal/site, the media file will be buffered and stored in your device temporary storage medium and then seeable on the handset. Hence if you know the location where the data are stored and have access to it then you can download what you see. Just follow the below steps to download (or) share WhatsApp statuses that fade away the very next day.

Note: By default file manager app will exist in smartphone devices to access internal and external storage. If not, then download and install file manager from Google Play Store before proceeding with the below steps.
  1. Go to file manager - >Internal Storage - > WhatsApp -> Media 
    Add caption
  2. At top right corner click on three dots option to list additional menus and tap on  "Show Hidden Folders".
  3. Now hidden folders with a prefix as dot will be visible, For example (.Statuses) 
  4. Open .Statuses folder to view the WhatsApp status media files such as photos and videos with random text as titles. Note: Only videos and photos that are viewed/loaded will exist in this folder(.Statuses)
    Whatsapp Status videos and photos in .Statuses folder
  5. Note: sort the media files based on date/size to identify the status video/photo you're looking for.

Now copy/move the status video/photo to another folder which is not concealed with a prefix as a dot(.) to make it accessible through Apps (or) share the media file right away to any social media.
Note: Since WhatsApp statuses vanish automatically after every 24 hours, media status shared by your contacts remains in your App only till 24hours. However, the videos/photos status media files sustain in the same hidden folder(.statuses) until any new media status shared by the same contacts again the next day or any other upcoming days.

How to Clear Recent Emoji/Smiley Chats in WhatsApp

Not everyone password protect their device from unauthorized user access there are some people who won't store any important information on their device who will use mobile phones like a computer temporary storage(RAM).

However, there are some places where we usually ignore to remove traces of chats completely, that is emojis/smileys in recent tabs. Emotions and facial expression of various forms are derived as smileys, which can actually reveal a lot of information clearly than a text conversation.

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Why Smileys for Communication?
Smileys are the only way to communicate without any offense, even an angry smiley doesn't add so much meaning to it because these smileys are artfully appealing.

How to Delete Recent Emoticons/Smileys Chats from Social Messengers
We all knew that just a select and tap on delete button will delete the WhatsApp and other social media text messages from the app history, but have you ever thought of clearing chats conveyed through emoji's, which exists in the recent tab for easier re-use of the same icon again.

For those who are seeking for an option in the Messenger settings to clear recent emoji chat histories, just stop searching roots at top of the tree. In our previous article, we've revealed that most of the social messengers like WhatsApp uses devices default keyboard only and the same cannot be applied in this article. Now you would have guessed where to search for an option to delete the recent emojis/Smiley chats.
  • Step 1: If your intention is to delete only recent Emoji/Smiley chats from history and want your text conversation to exist even after deleting emojis chat history then follow the below steps else ignore step 1 and go to step 2.
    • Open WhatsApp -> Go to Settings -> and tap on Chats -> Chat backup - > click on "Backup" to create backup of text conversation.
    Create WhatsApp chat backup
  • Step 2:  Now go to android settings -> Apps -> Whatsapp - > in Storage - Click on Clear Data.
    Clear WhatsApp Data
  • Step 3: Now open WhatsApp and sign-on with your mobile number again then verify and if you wish to restore the text messages back then click on backup to restore back the text messages alone without recent emoji chats history, if not then skip to open whatsapp without any history conversation/chats/messages etc.
    Click on Restore - To Restore text messages alone back to WhatsApp

    After successful sign-on No recent emoji
  • Step 4: And you're done. by now you would've successfully restored the text messages and removed the recent emoji chats from WhatsApp.

How to Remove PDF File Password using Browser

Though passwords are meant to protect information from the third eye, well it doesn't make sense if even you are not allowed to remove a password of your own PDF file when you no longer required to protect the same.

Already we have hell lot of passwords to remember for each and every online/offline accounts and these PDF files are making it even worse by encrypted PDF files with different passwords for each. As a result, you may become a stranger and considered unauthorized for your own document once you've forgotten the password.

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How to Remove Password From Encrypted PDF File?

PDF files formats are mostly used in online business and banking transactions for the document level security, compressed size, universal device support and much more.

Despite being a universal utility/document, unlike other applications, the utility so-called PDF don't endorse the "remember password" function, thus whenever the protected PDF is attempted to explore then each time the user has to input the password to access the content inside the document.
Protected PDF prompting to Input Password to Open File
Also if you want to share the document or attach the document for any online verification purposes you'll have to share the passcode along with the same. So to remove password which no long required to continue from now on, then just follow the below steps to tamper the protection from PDF.

Note: Passwords can be removed from the encrypted PDF file through browsers only when the user knows the existing password of the file.
  • Step 1: Just drag and drop the encrypted PDF file from the computer disk into the browser window.
  • Step 2: Immediately password prompt dialog box opens for the password input.
  • Step 3: Enter the appropriate password and click on submit to open the PDF file.
    Enter the PDF file password to open the document
  • Step 4: Now simply click on the print icon at the top right corner of the browser window or press (CTRL + P) and select the destination file format as PDF then click on save and name the file and tap on save to create a  copy of the password protected PDF file without a password.
    Select the destination type as PDF to create a copy.

    Select the destination type eg: PDF and then save the document 
     Note: To save/print the document as PDF file, it is necessary to install the Adobe PDF reader.
  • Step 5: And you're done, now open the new copy of PDF file without any hassle to enter passwords each time.
Note: This trick doesn't actually remove the password instead it will create a duplicate copy of the same file with same content without a password, as a result, this won't work if the document is print restricted.

Since most of the popular browsers come with a built-in PDF reader by default like most of the operating system/platform/device supports PDF file format. Hence, this trick to remove password from encrypted PDF file can be achieved with any browsers such as IE, Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFoxOpera, Safari etc without any hassle.

How to Play Apple iPhone Videos Format(.MOV) in Android Devices

iPhone remains unique among it rivals around the market, and there are people who go insane to buy the latest iPhone releases every time even without knowing the features and facilities that it contains and fall just for the brand name. However, it's not just the Tag/brand name which grasps its users and other device users attention to its side, iPhone maintains a certain standard which hasn't compromised and equated by its rivals yet.
In a mobile world, iPhone is considered as an alien to other smartphones. We call iPhone as an alien because its operating system and features are not universal. So if you're an Android user and want to play .MOV(Quick Time Multimedia) videos which are an Apple iPhone video format in your android device then you'll end up seeing "format is not supported" to play .MOV files message prompts in Android which could be an exasperating thing when you're curious to watch a video with no time.

Error prompt when iPhone videos played directly in Android
So here in this article, we will list two simple ways which you can use to play iPhone videos in Android mobiles. Though we have two different ways but it can also be achieved with the same tool itself.
  • Way 1: Watch .MOV videos directly in Android Device using Multimedia player
  • Way 2: Convert .MOV iPhone Video Format to Android supported formats.
Here in this article, we are not going to introduce any unknown third party tool/players which you've not used/heard off. The most familiar tool called VLC is what going to do magic.

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Watch .MOV iPhone Videos Directly in Android Device using Multimedia Player
Android devices are preloaded with a list of video encoding parameters, therefore videos that match these parameters are only playable by default. However media player's like VLC were built in such a way to play even videos that are not in the default parameters listed in the Android Developers Homepage.

VLC is a multimedia player with which you can play almost anything If we say anything then it is obvious that you can play apple iPhone .MOV video format also with VLC media player.
  1. Go to Google play store and install VLC media player on your Android phone.
    Google Play store - Install VLC media player for Android
  2. After successful installation of VLC, now tap on the .MOV(iPhone Video) file and select VLC from the list of media players to open the videos.
    Select VLC from the list to play .MOV videos in Android
  3. And you're done. now you can play your iPhone videos directly in android devices without any issues.
Note: If the .MOV video still opens in the same default media player which doesn't support such file format then reset the option(clear the defaults) in Android apps settings and tap on the video file to open the video and then complete the action using any of the two option Just once(Play once in VLC) or Always(Play always in VLC).

Convert .MOV iPhone Video Format to Android Supported Formats.
For some reason, if you don't want the videos to be in .MOV file format which is not a compatible format for Android devices by default, then you can also convert iPhone videos to any format with VLC media player.

How to Hide Windows Drive Partitions Without Third Party Tools

We all have some secrets that we don't prefer to share even with our besties, And if you're a guy then you might be having some folders kept hidden and blended between some other folders to keep it invisible from anyone else using your computer.

Even though protecting important secret files in folders with passwords is necessary, but sometimes you may be forced to reveal your passwords to unlock secret folders to protect your valuable relationship from breaking. So here we come with a new technique that will keep your secrets as secret without let anyone know that you too have secrets, sounds good isn't it.

Don't Just Protect Disk Drives with Passwords Better Hide From Others
Stopping anyone from accessing your secret files with passwords is good. However, they know that you have secrets and they might attempt to crack your password in your absence with the traces left around. So don't give anyone the chance to peep into your secrets.

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In windows hiding a disk drive on any user account can be done in several ways, but here we will share the easiest way among them.
  • Way 1: Hide Disk Drive Using Command Prompt
  • Way 2: To Hide Windows Disk Drives Using Disk Management Console(Recommended)

1: Hide Drive from Windows Explorer using Command Prompt
Third party tools are used by windows user to accomplish a certain task which is complex using command prompt, despite facilitation of third party tools in complex windows events, it has a higher risk of security threat. So it is better to type few commands by referring the below procedure to stay safe and secure.
  1. Step: Open "command prompt" window by typing CMD in start menu search field of windows and tap on Enter Key.
  2. Step: In the command prompt window type Diskpart and tap enter key. Immediately a User Account Control(UAC) window prompts, Click yes to continue with the process.
    Windows Command Prompt - Disk Part - User Account Control
  3. Step: After clicking on yes another new window prompts to proceed  with further process. In the new window type "list volume" and hit enter to list all the drives partition connected with the system(includes External & Internal drives).
    List of all disk drives connected to the system
  4. Step: Once the drives are listed, select any drive that you want to hide from windows explorer. To select a drive Just type "Select Volume E" (replace E with the drive letter (or) drive volume of the disk you want to hide) and hit enter. For Example: Select Volume 3(Here 3 denote the volume number)
    Select the drive that you want to hide from explorer
  5. Step: After the drive is selected, Just type "remove letter E" and tap on Enter key(here E denotes the drive letter which has to be hidden from the windows my computer list)
    Windows drive successfully removed from explorer
  6. Step: And you've successfully removed a drive from the windows explorer, now close the command prompt window and you will not see your disk drive E listed in windows explorer.
To display the removed drive back in windows explorer ?
By following the above procedure we have successfully hidden the drive from explorer if you feel the wrong drive has been removed from the explorer (or) want to show it back again on my computer, just follow the below steps.

Note: Since the drive letter assigned to the drive has been removed, only volume number can be used to select the drive.
  1. Just redo the above procedures from step 1 to step 4 (procedures explained below in SHORT for quick remembrance)
    • Open cmd prompt window, type Diskpart and click enter.
    • click yes to continue in UAC(User access control).
    • In the new window type, list volume to list all drives.
    • Type select volume 3(replace 3 with the drive volume to show the hidden drive)
  2. Once the hidden drive is selected, type Assign letter E(replace the drive letter with the drive letter you want to unhide) and then tap on Enter key to see the hidden drive back in explorer.
    Assign the drive letter to the drive to make it visible again in Explorer
  3. And you're done, the drive that you have deliberately hidden from windows explorer is now visible to everyone.
2: Hide Windows Disk Drive Volumes Using Disk Management
You don't need to be a techie to enable and disable disk drives from windows my computer using windows "Disk Management". Just follow the below steps.
  • Step 1: Open disk Management console window by typing "diskmgmt.msc" in start menu search field of windows (or) in run window then tap on Enter Key to open the console to load the disk management configuration information.
    Type the command  in start search or RUN then tap on Enter
  • Step 2: Here all drives attached to the computer will be loaded and listed here.
  • Step 3: Target the mouse pointer on any drive that you want to hide from windows explorer then right-click on it and select "Change drive letter and Path".
    Right click on any drive and select change drive letter and paths
  • Step 4: Immediately another new window prompts, here click remove to clear the drive letter assigned to the volume.
    remove the selected drive and click on OK
  • Step 5: After clicking on "OK" in change drive letter path, a warning message appears as below to confirm the action, Just click "Yes" on both the warning message prompts to complete the process.
    Warning message prompts to confirm the action to hide drive
  • Step 6: And you're done, the drive that you have selected has been successfully hidden from the windows explorer.

To show the hidden drive back in windows explorer just repeat the above step from step 1 to step 3 and in step 4 instead of selecting remove option just click on Add option and  Assign any drive letter to the hidden drive to get listed in the windows explorer.

How to Change WhatsApp Default Font Style and Format

WhatsApp was initiated as a platform to correlate people digitally without vocal communication. Like verbal communication, non-verbal communication can also be expressive, For example in verbal communication adding variant sounds and pressure to the word will add a different meaning to the word. whereas, in non-verbal communication like texting the same word can also represent several meanings with the fonts and styles used to form the word.
No doubt that smileys/emoticons are the best way to convey emotions via text to someone in messengers, but yet there are few emotions and expression that cannot be attained even by these emoticons.

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Why to USE font style in WhatsApp ?
Each type of fonts has its own history & representation and the most common type of font style that can be appended within any other font types are BOLD, ITALIC, and Strike Through.
  • Bold Text: Usually making a word or line in a phrase bold is to stand out from other words.
  • Italic : It is the most appealing font style in any article. To emphasize a word in a sentence using bold style is fine, but making several word bold in an article will be disruptive to the person reading the text, so to avoid such situation Italic styles are used to emphasize one or more words in a sentence.
  • Strike Through : This one style itself has several hidden meaning, For example in some sentence when it is used, it'll denote the mistake which should not be considered for inclusion. In some other case, it is used to denote that the word is recently edited or deleted.
How to Customize Fonts in Whatsapp ?
Changing WhatsApp font is not a rocket science, just tapping on few symbols before and after your words/text will do the magic.
  • Bold Fonts > To make your font bold, just add the symbol * (Asterisk) before and after the text which you want to highlight in bold.
  • Italic Fonts > To make your font Italic just add the _(underscore) symbol before and after the word or sentence you want to highlight in Italic.
  • Strike Through > To add a strikethrough in WhatsApp font, just add ~ (tilde) symbol before and after word that you want to mark.
  • Fixedsys Font > To change the default font to fixedsys font format, just add three ```(back quote) symbol before and after the text that you want the different font to applied.
Whatsapp font format and style 
Note: Left single curly quote symbol for fixedsys font format will not be available in the 1st tab of the number keypad in WhatsApp mobile, tap on to the next tab in number keypad to find the single curly quotes symbol.

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How to change the font size in Whatsapp ?
Changing the size of the font in Whatsapp will not deliver big or small size text to the recipient, changes in size are applied only for better vision for different human eyes.
  • Open WhatsApp messenger and tap on the settings.
  • Click on chat option and tap on font size.
  • Select your preferred size from the 3 option either small,medium or large.
increase/decrease WhatsApp font size

How to Highlight Matching Values By Comparing Two Columns In Excel

Searching for the existence of similar values between the excel worksheet columns manually is fine when we have few values in a column, but if you have thousands of values in a column which has to be compared with another column for identical values, it may take a decade to do so.
Microsft's Excel is a powerful tool which can be used efficiently to do such a complex task in no time.

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How to Find Duplicate Values In Excel by Comparing Columns:-
For example, in the below image representation, In an Excel worksheet, we have values in two columns A and column C.
In order to identify and highlight the values of column A which are also available in column C, the Microsoft's Excel tool has several built-in functions and techniques to do so, whereas not every option is simple and efficient, so here we share one of the easiest ways among them.
Sample Data With Employee ID's in Column A and Column C
  1. Step: Click on column header to select entire column values and Tap on "conditional formatting" on the menu bar and click on New rule option.
    Select Column to be highlighted and tap on conditional formatting
  2. Now select rule type as "use a formula to determine which cells to format".
  3. And in "format values where this format is true field' enter the formula as =countif($C:$C, $A1).
    New formatting rule window
    • $C:$C = denotes the column to be compared.
    • $A1 = selected column (column values to be highligted for same entries in the column C.)
    Note: change the alphabet in the above formula according to the column used in your excel sheet, here in this article, I have used column A and column C.
  4. Then click on format on the same(New Formatting rule) window to open "format cells" window, here select any color of your choice to be highlighted when matching values found in the compared column.
    Format Cells - Fill Tab
  5. Now click on OK to confirm the chosen color.
  6. And the final result will look something like the below image representation.
    Result - highlighted matching values
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Additional Note: With the above steps we found the matching values by comparing a column with the other column and to segregate the highlighted and non highlighted values, use filter options in Excel itself to do so, follow the below steps. 
  1. Select the column to be filter out.
  2. On the menu bar Tap on Data -> click Filter and a drop down arrow icon appears on the top of the selected column, click on it and select Sort by Color and select the color which is used to highlight the matching values.
Sort By Color

How to Change or Reset Always Settings In Android

Complete Action Using - Default Setting
Every Android app developers wish to attain the maximum number of users for their app. To achieve this developers will append extra features into their application, making it capable to do multitasking, so an application which you downloaded for a specific task may do several others task as well, As a result of two or more application installed in the device, which will essentially do similar task, hence when a file/link attempted to open, Application's capable of processing the file/link will be categorized and prompt to make selection between two choice either Always or Just Once.
When "Just Once" is opted then each time it will prompt to make choices between applications which one to choose with under which category either "Just Once or Always". But if Always is selected, from then on the file/link will be opened in the same application every time without pestering for selection from the list of applications.

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How to Undo Always In Select Home App as In Android 
Have you downloaded and Installed a new app from google playstore which is crammed with great features than the default/OLD app, but found your files still opening in the default app instead of the newly downloaded phenomenal app, this might be because of your selection that you opted during "Select home app" or "Complete Action using" as while opening link or any file. Thereby every time it opens with the same application which is no longer your preferred one to open with.
  1. Go to settings in your android device
    Android Settings
  2. Navigate to Apps Menu or Application Manager
  3. Here in this section you will find all downloaded and installed app in your device as section like Downloaded, Pre-Loaded, Running, Moveable and All. Swipe and Tap on All section
    Apps ->ALL
  4. Select the app from the list that opens by default whenever you tap on a file/link, which you want to reset.
  5. In App Info swipe down you'll find launch by default, Now click on "Clear defaults"
    Tap on Clear Defaults
  6. And you're done.
Now open the file or link that you want to open with the preferred application, since the application settings for the app has been reset, hence it will prompt again to select your preferred application, then select your preferred application and Tap on Always to set it as default.

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How to Delete Sent, But not Delivered WhatsApp Messages

Texting is easy and comfortable than speaking because you will have enough time to think what you want to send (or) sometimes you may find it creepy to speak straight looking into their eyes, because when you are not sure, what you're about to talk is right or wrong, we may face lot of inconveniences to stay in a position to talk, so most of the people opt for texting rather than speaking.

Perhaps even texting can also lead you to embarrassment when you text the wrong message to a right person (or) the right message to a wrong person. If you realize immediately that either the message was wrong or the recipient was not the appropriate one to receive before it reaches to their device, then it's not too late to recall it back in WhatsApp.

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What is the meaning of the Whatsapp Check Marks?
Whenever a message is typed on WhatsApp and enter key is pressed, then the message will go through 4 different stages at a significant time interval and each stage was denoted with different check marks symbols. Listed below are the 4 check marks appear during the message transaction on WhatsApp.
  1. Clock Symbol -  The clock symbol denotes that the message has been posted but not delivered to either WhatsApp server or to the recipient.
  2. One Tick Check Mark - The one tick check mark denotes that the WhatsApp message has been successfully posted on to WhatsApp server but not yet delivered to recipient mobile device.
  3. Double Tick Check Mark - It denotes that the WhatsApp message has been successfully delivered to the respective recipient
  4. Double Tick Check Mark in blue color - It denotes that the sent WhatsApp message has been successfully delivered and seen by the recipient.
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WhatsApp Update - Delete Whatsapp Messages Content Posted Within 7 minutes
If your WhatsApp is the latest version(2.17.395 or higher) and if the posted content is not more than 7 minutes of time, then you can delete the chats/message just by click and hold to delete the inappropriate content sent by mistake.

For more information Visit this Link:  How to Delete Sent/Delivered or Read WhatsApp Chats message posted before 7 minutes of time.

How to Stop Wrongly Sent WhatsApp Messages From Delivering to The Recipient

1: How to Delete WhatsApp Message when Clock Check Mark Pops up.
At this stage, the message that you have typed and sent is not yet gone to the second stage (i.e. it has not yet moved from your device). Hence deleting the message from your device at this stage will prevent the message from delivering to the recipient.
Clock Check Mark
But this will happen only when your mobile internet connection is poor enough to send instant messages on WhatsApp. Slow internet connection will take time to move the message from one device to another. In that meantime before the migration of your messages from your device to the recipient mobile device and Whatsapp server, when you delete it immediately during the clock sign check mark existence, the message will be deleted and no longer will be sent to the recipient.

2: How to Delete WhatsApp Message After One Tick Check Mark is Visible.
Most of the WhatsApp users think that whenever a message has been sent from their device, deleting the Whatsapp message from the sender's mobile will automatically block the message from getting delivered to the recipient device.
Single Tick Check Mark 
But do remember the message that persists in your device after the one tick checkmark is just a copy of your message that you sent to the recipient, the actual message has already been sent to the Whatsapp server and will be delivered to the appropriate recipient once he/she switch on WhatsApp on his mobile. However, since the message has not yet reached the recipient mobile device, blocking the message from the WhatsApp server itself will obviously block it from delivering to the recipient mobile device, to do so just follow the steps below
  • Open your WhatsApp account
  • Now open the contact's WhatsApp profile of a person whom you sent the wrong message by mistake and want to stop it before getting delivered into their account.
  • Block the contact immediately on Whatsapp temporarily, Keeping them blocked for 30 days (or) till they switch on Whatsapp on their mobile device will automatically block the message from delivering into their account. 
    Temporarily Block the Whats-App Contact
  • If the recipient opens his WhatsApp Account while it's still blocked by you, then your message will never/ever be delivered to him even if you unblock him later on. Caution: Unblocking the recipient before he opens his Whatsapp account (or) before 30 days will deliver the message sent to the recipient. 
  • Note: Undelivered WhatsApp messages will be automatically deleted after 30 days from WhatsApp server(i.e: If you send a message on WhatsApp for a contact if the recipient is unavailable and not switched on WhatsApp in their device for the past 30 days, then the message will be automatically cleared from the WhatsApp server, hence it will not reach the recipient account).
  • Don't have the patience to wait for a 30 days period, then once you know the contact has opened his WhatsApp profile through their last seen notification, then Unblock the contact on WhatsApp, and conclude that your wrong message wasn't delivered. 
Now you know that the message which you sent by mistake will never be a mistake since it wasn't delivered and read by the recipient to whom you accidentally sent.

Note: If the recipient has set privacy settings for last seen notification, then you never know whether the recipient has opened his WhatsApp account or not.

3: How to Delete WhatsApp Message, After Double Tick Check Marks?
If you are at this stage, then you're unlucky, because the message that you typed has been already delivered to the recipient, hence it is impossible to recall it from the recipient mobile device in WhatsApp.
Double Tick Check Mark
However, there are several other messengers that are alternative for WhatsApp which has the feature to recall the sent message from their device such as GoSMSPro for Android and Blackberry's BBM messenger's which has retractable message and message with a counter.
Double Tick Check Mark In Blue Color
There is no point in recalling the message At the 4th stage (i.e Double tickMark in blue color) since the message has already seen and read by the recipient. Hence the damage is already made, now we need to face the consequences of what we did without thinking, So be very careful to whom and what you are texting, because unlike words that are thrown in air, which doesn't have physical records as evidence of our sin, messages transferred on WhatsApp have records for all your mistakes.

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