How to Use Whatsapp on PC Without Smartphone

If you can do anything that you wish to do with your LAPTOP and DESKTOP in MOBILE, Obviously the reverse should also be possible (i.e.) you must be able to do everything that you do with your MOBILE in LAPTOP/DESKTOP as well.

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One of the world's largest social messaging apps "WHATSAPP" in terms of active user, was first released  for android mobile phones, later has extended its platform support for Mobile Operating System such as iOS, Symbian, Windows etc. Ever since its overwhelming popularity among smartphone users, people who don't have smartphones (or) don't wish to spend time messaging with smartphones separately, were seeking for an alternative that will let them to use Whatsapp on PC.
Install Whatsapp In Desktop/Laptop

Here I would like to introduce "BLUESTACK" an application that will let you use several social messaging application for smartphones in a single window on PC/Laptop.

Steps to Install Whatsapp Messenger in PC
  1. Download Bluestack application
  2. Install the downloaded file
  3. Once bluestack has been installed open the application homepage.
  4. And click messaging, It will search for apps, and list you several messaging apps.
  5. Select whatsapp messenger from the list then click whatsapp icon to install.
  6. Accept terms and conditions to proceed.
  7. Now open the whatsapp messenger app in bluestack and enter your mobile number followed by your country code. 
  8. You will receive a verification code in your mobile shortly from whatsapp.
  9. Enter the received 6 digit code in two parts on the field prompted.
  10. And your'e done
Note : Whatsapp users with smartphone have their contacts synchronized automatically from mobile contacts, Hence you use it on PC, contacts should be added manually.

Below listed are some other alternatives to use WhatsApp in Pc , But if you wish to use several social messaging app in a single window, i recommend you to go with "BLUESTACK".
  1. YouWave
  2. Bluestacks
  3. Wassapp
  4. IntelAppUp
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    Additional Update (March -13-2015) : Whatsapp voice call feature is now live on every android device, just download and install (or) update to the latest version 2.12.7 to avail the free voice calling feature to call your Whatsapp contacts free through the internet. Unlike the previous version of Whatsapp 2.11.556 the latest update doesn't require any active Voice Calling Feature enabled user to invite by making a call for the receiver to enable voice call facility enabled.

    Note: As of now voice calling features is enabled only on device with android version 4.4 or above installed.
    Whatsapp Voice Calling Feature
    Download and install : Directly from Whatsapp Website for Android  mobiles to enable free whatsapp voice calling feature(VOIP). 


    1. Its titles how to use Whatsapp without a smartphone yet it states :- You will receive a verification code in your mobile shortly from whatsapp.
      What mobile if you dont have a smnartphone? Pointless article.

    2. verification code you will get it as an sms for which you dont need a smart phone

    3. it says connectivity failed everytime i select whatsapp - then to re-launch. not workig=ng

    4. im not installing whatsapp through bluestack..... its say check ur network....even if i have network also............

    5. im not installing whatsapp through bluestack..... its say check ur network....even if i have network also............

    6. if it says check your network,try going to whatsapp website and download from there. choose to open the program with bluestacks, thats how i got mine to work.

    7. Even after using bluestacks , phone's internet connection should be on to use whatsapp in pc right ? cant we use whatsapp in PC without phone connecting to it ?/

    8. First I got notification that connectivity fail. But you need to press cancel, not ok. When I did it, the app was installed.

    9. I can write messages but I can not make or receive calls, which was actually the only reason I installed the app. When I have an incoming call I need to sensor touch the screen to answer which is impossible since I use a laptop. When I make a call it always fails.

    10. This app didn't work for started to say something like failed to install even after it had finished...then it said to just click finish and try again and when I did it did the same

    11. Hi, I get as far as Item 5 (Select whatsapp messenger from the list then click whatsapp icon to install.) and when I select WhatsApp it gives me the following message: Network Unreachable, Please check network connectivity and re-launch app".

      There is nothing wrong with my network, I disconnected and reconnected several times with the same result.

      I live in Australia, would that be the problem. My email is

      Any help will be greatly appreciated.


    12. Similar problem as most people here, it says check your connectivity. Tried IM+ and it installed, sadly whatsapp didn't. Help plz

    13. It is not working. I uninstalled the app and installed Bluestacks again by downloading the installer from bluestacks website itself


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