Make Your Computer Speak Using Notepad - Text To Speech Conversion

Make Your Computer Speak Using Notepad
Listening to your own voice on computer after recording with a microphone is pretty amazing which sounds relatively different than your own voice. And there are some people who look's different and sounds different which make them look funny. If you're a android mobile phone user most probably you have this app called Tom Cat that makes you "laugh out loud" listening at your own voice. Because this cat will listen to your voice and repeat it with the same slang in it's own funny voice.

But have you ever thought of making your computer to repeat everything with a strange computer voice by commanding it with text. There are several things to explore in windows that you may not know, and one simple thing is a Text to speech conversion with notepad.

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Why Windows Text to Speech Conversion In Notepad ?
        This utility by windows can not only be used to entertain people but it will also teach us phonetics. Enter a word or sentence on the message box prompted and listen to the computer voice for proper pronunciation. Depending on what language pack has been selected on your windows operating system, the pronunciation and accent of words may differ, so to listen to your country language accent, change the windows display language and region. 

By default Microsoft Windows delivering it products with English language(US), but it also supports several languages and standard Unicode formats, which makes it language independent.

Additional Tips: To change the display language just navigate to Start->Control Panel->Clock Language and Region->Change Display Language and select any preferred language of your choice from the format list. (Note: Restart the computer for the changes to take effect)

How to Convert Text Into Speech With Notepad ?
        Since computer speaks whatever text has been input in the text field, listening to computer voice for the text that you have entered can be interesting and funny, especially when entered with spelling mistakes.
Text to Speech Conversion Windows Utility
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Making your computer to speak isn't that much time taking process as you think, just follow these simple steps below.
  1. Open Notepad
  2. Copy and paste the below code in notepad.
    1. Dim message, sapi
      message=InputBox("Command me anything in text to say?","Ready to Listen")
      Set sapi=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")
      sapi.Speak message
  3. Then Save the notepad file in .vbs file format.(For example: shoutmytext.vbs)
  4. And your'e done, now run the saved file to open a message box.
  5. Enter any word (or) sentence to listen it with computer voice.
Had fun listening your computer voice! Please do like and share this article with your friends and family, if you've enjoyed this article. And comment below for any queries on this topic.



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