How to Create Strong Password To Secure Online Accounts

Ever since the evolution of technology, human's adopted to live a life in a virtual environment, now a day's it's not necessary for people to go live for purchases, shopping, medication and even getting socialized. Almost everything turned virtual, hence you need to secure your virtual presence online as well.

                           You can stay safe & secure online by creating strong passwords, which should be set very difficult to make an assumption by others.

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Creating Strong Password:
                            There exist a myth online that creating a strong password mean, having too much characters-shuffled with each other. Having too many characters would be clumsy, which makes even the owner of that particular account forget what he gave at the time of creating the account.
Secure Your Online Accounts With Strong Password
So to create a password that would be easy to remember for the account holder and very difficult for the hacker/stranger to making a guess, to do so follow some efficient tips listed below.
  1. Create a password that contains "Alphabets", "Numbers" and Special Characters.
    Password with alphanumeric characters
  2. Use ASCII character with the password for better security and encryption. ASCII(American Standard Code for Information Interchange) is a code for representing English characters as numbers, each letter assigned a specific number from 0 to 127. For example, the ASCII code for uppercase Z is 90.
    ASCII Example Table
  3. Choose minimum 8 characters to increases the probability to identify password combination. Probably many online sites specify its users to enter minimum 8 characters in length.
    Password Length Compatibility
  4. Select random words from a sentence and create a phrase then form an acronym to create a memorable password.
    Sentence - to - Phrase- to - acronym
  5. Increase the complexity by using uppercase and lowercase letter combinations in between.
    Upper - Lower letter combination
  6. Create password with grammar mistake: There are several online passwords cracking tools that will crack your password by matching the personal details given in your social media and other online services. Researchers proved that creating passwords with grammatical mistakes will hardly reduce the risk of being hacked because all these hacker tools generate passwords with the grammatical nature.
    Generate passwords with grammatical mistakes
You can also generate strong passwords online:
                      Visit (or) - These online password generators creates strong password either automatically (or) as the value specified by the user, with the phonetic pronunciation to make it easier for the account holder to remember.

Also, Check Strength of your password: 
                       Visit to check the strength of your generated password and how much time it would take a desktop PC about to crack your password.

What Should Not ?
  • Avoid writing the password anywhere, try to memorize the password.
  • Don't disclose the password to anyone
  • Don't use a username with complete word For example: " HowToDo ", instead use special characters and numbers in between to break the complete word formation For example: " How@To$#*Do! "
  • Don't use the same password for all online accounts.
    One Password For All Online Accounts 
    Because humans are liable to make mistakes, if any one of your accounts is hacked, having the same password for other accounts will let all other accounts to be hacked at the same time, which increases security vulnerability.
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