Sign-Out Of Gmail Accounts On All Device In a Single Click

Since gadgets getting cheaper and crucial day by day, we don't just use a single gadget for all occasions, nevertheless, we use the same email ID to log in into all these devices.

           But we don't log into email accounts with our device alone, sometimes we may leave our device at home or somewhere else, so we seek for a public internet cafe, friend's device and so on. We all have the habit of just closing the browser window without signing out of any online accounts, however, it doesn't matter when you do it on your private computer networks. But sometimes we do the same on public internet as well, so this could be the worse thing than letting a stranger in into our home.

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How to Sign Out of Your Gmail Accounts On All Device Remotely From Other Computer ?
            Whenever you log-out from any one of Google services, it will automatically sign-out you from all other services synchronized with it. But if when the same account was signed in already with another device will remain active and would possibly allow to read and write email messages unless or until signed out from that device.
Log Out your Gmail account on all device in single click
For instance: smartphones synched with a google account will stay active to send and receive email's when connected to the internet, even after several log-in and log-out attempts on any other devices, this is because whenever a Google account is logged in with a device, it stores the cookies information on computer and Google creates session separately for each device for multiple device access. Signing out from one account would implicitly mean that you sign-out from all your google accounts services on that device alone, so if you used your account on the public internet and left without a proper sign-out and want to log out that session from your account.

Just Follow the Steps Below:
  • Login to your Gmail account (or) Google App from any computer/mobile/tablet
  • Once logged in Scroll below to view last account activity details and click details.
    "Gmail" - Last Account Activity
  • A window prompts with a list of active sessions opened and active on another device/system (or) any other geographical location. (Note: This will list only the real-time active session, so even if the account seems to be not active in any other location, However, there may be sessions that have not been signed out)
    Sign out the suspicious activity from the list.
  • You can close the activity specifically with the last logged in time/date/IP address location etc. But if you're not sure of the device identity it's better to 'sign out from all other sessions'.
  • "Sign out all other sessions" will close all active session (i.e.log-out your accounts on all other devices) except the one you're currently logged in with.
  • And you're done.
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Caution: If you find you account accessed by someone in some other geographical location, we urge you to change the password immediately, because there is a possibility for an account hack. "Sign-out from all other sessions" will only log out your account from all devices/computer system, so don't store your password when you're on the public computer.

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