How to Minimise Aircel Prepaid Bill

Did you know "Aircel" is the cheapest service provider among any other networks, but if you felt it's price has increased subsequently these days, then you are at the right place to learn this simple tips to swoop its price below the edges.
       Wondering how to minimize your prepaid bill ? then here is a new tip that gonna help you guys. So now are you ready to grab the deal. Follow these simple tips carefully to enjoy maximum benefits with reduced tariff.

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  • Enjoy Unlimited Internet
  • Send Unlimited SMS
  • 6 days night talk free
  • 42 Rupeess Talk Time In your main Account for an MONTH at 100

All the above listed benefits can be added to your mobile number with just Rs 100, Need to know how, let me explain in a step by step process
  1. Recharge your mobile with unlimited pocket internet Rs 14 pack
  2. And again Ec or recharge your mobile with top up card 30rs this will gives you 15-18 days of unlimited internet and 3 days night calling pack and a talktime of Rs21
  3. After 15 days again recharge your mobile with top up card 30rs this will extend the data plan to another 15days and gives you an additional services like night calling for 3 days and talk value of 21 and internet
  4. Now let us come to sms recharge it with Rs 33it will give you 1month sms we all know that we don't use allthose 10000 sms a month.
  5. To extend your sms expiry date to a extend at the end of your sms expiry date recharge your mobile with topup 10 rs .this will extend your date to 10 days long and do this every 10 days till your sms balance gets over             
In this way you can minimize your prepaid bill, it might be very much useful for teenagers..

Let us calculate the total value
  • Unlimited Internet - 14
  • Unlimited SMS - 33
  • Recharge EC30 for 2 times - 30*2=60
  • Total cost    = 107 per month from the next month it will even get reduced 
Enjoy and I m sure that it will be helpful , if you find this helpful follow my blog guys cheers

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