How to Check Whether an Email ID Exist Live or Not

Are you trying to send a confidential email message to your boss, friends, acquaintances and so on before making it do an email id check whether the email address that you have entered while composing is really exist and live or not. Because the email ID associated with an account might be deleted from the server (or) even a single incorrect alphabet letter (or) numbers(i.e.typos) will never let the email-server to deliver email to the recipient address with typos which eventually returns as "Failure Notice".
            Sometimes email server takes hours to notice its failure to deliver the mail to that particular email ID because whenever an email is composed and sent, the email server make several possible attempts to reach the recipient's mail ID. So you may think that your message has been sent and delivered to that particular address but actually it wasn't delivered.

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How to Instantly Check If an Email Address Exist and Valid ?
           You can check the existence of email address either with online tools or by email-server,in this tutorial we have described both the ways.
Check & Verify Email Exist or Not
  • Email Verifier Tool to Verify email ID
  • Forget Password/Password Assistance
Method 1: Email Verifier Tool to Verify email ID
                   The "Email Verifier" is an simple and free tool that is used to check and verify if an email address is valid, properly formatted and really exists.
Email Verifier To Check Email Address
How it Works ?
           Email verifier is an online web interface tool that simulates the sending of a e-mail message by extracting MX records from the DNS server and connect it to SMTP servers. 
The MX records contains the domain information and check's for the existence of available domain.

How to Use Email Verifier ?
  • Visit on browser
  • Type the email address to be verified inside the text field
  • Click verify.
  • And scroll below to view the generated result.
Method 2: Forget Password/Password Assistance Option
                            Sending dummy test mail is a slow process and it would fill your recipient mail inbox with empty test mail thereby recipient may ignore the future mails received from that address, thinking of blank mails once again.
So to check the existence of an email address instantly, password assistance might be the better and easy option.
  • Note down the domain name of the recipient email address (i.e. (or)
  • Visit the login page of the domain/email service and pretend that you can't access your account.(Note: For Google Account click Need help ? link at Sign in page)
    Can't access your account ?
  • And select forgot your password from the list of option's and click next to proceed. 
    Problem login into account
  • Then enter the email ID that you want to check whether it exist (or) not and click next once again.
  • If the mail ID exist, you will be asked to send reset password message to the linked email associated with it or proceed with the other verification process. 
  • Else if the mail ID doesn't exist you may get a message "We couldn't match the ID you entered with information in our database" (or) "No account found with that email" message.
  • From the message you can understand whether such email ID exist on the email domain or not
  • And your'e done.
Try Also : Check the existence of email ID at Sign UP process
            This is very simple among all the other methods, just visit the email service domain page and click sign up to create an account with the mail service.
  • Click sign up to create an account
  • Tap to username text field and enter the email ID username to check the availability
  • If the username is not available to create an account it mean the email ID is exist.
    Username is not available
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Warning: Banned email ID and deleted email account usernames were are also not allowed to set as username for new visitor to Sign Up/create an account, so we recommend you to use online tool to check the existence and current status.

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