How To Use USB Drive As RAM to Increase Computer Speed

Note: Users running 32bit system with 4GB Ram are advised to skip this article because 4GB is the maximum limit for a 32bit system. However, 64-bit system users can extend physical memory usage up to 512GB in windows 8 and 192 GB in windows 7.

Often your computer responds very slow after some hours of usage, it is due to overwhelming data that's being stored in your RAM, since RAM is a temporary storage device it gets back to normal state after a restart, by removing entire data's that were currently stored temporarily in physical memory.
USB device as a RAM
But there are several applications that require minimum 2GB of RAM to run, so users with low RAM capacity opt for buying an additional RAM. To avoid this you can use USB flash drive as RAM to boost your computer performance.

How to Convert USB flash drive into RAM
              USB drives don't replicate the actual performance of the RAM(physical memory), it'll just boost the performance by increasing the temporary storage capacity. To convert your USB flash drive into RAM, follow the simple steps below.
  1. Insert USB pen drive in port.
  2. Check for available spaces, the flash drive (or) memory card should have at least 1 gigabyte (GB) of available space to convert into RAM. 
  3. But formatting the entire device is recommended
  4. Once formatted, right click on the USB device and select properties
  5.  Tab to ready to boost option.
  6. Select any one option from below
    • Dedicate this device to ready to boost : To use the maximum available space on the flash drive for ReadyBoost.
    • Use this device : To allocate particular space by specifying the MB space in the flash drive. Note: Since maximum limit for 32bit system is 4094 MB, using 8 GB (or) more doesn't increase the overall capacity.
      ReadyBoost Properties Window
  7. Now click ok and apply you're done.
  8. Restart windows for changes to take effort.  
Its is recommended to use the flash drive with double the memory of RAM installed in your system for better experience. Hope you enjoy this article, do comment below for any queries and share with your friends.

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