Capture Desktop Screen To Video In VLC Player

When the VLC media player first released, it was just a player that plays some supported video format's, but when its success has overwhelmingly increased it has enhanced at a regular interval with several additional features such as Video Cut, Video converter, download videos etc.
                         VLC media player will now let you record desktop screen live in any video format. To do so follow the simple steps below.

How to RECORD Desktop Screen to Create a Video:
  1. Open the VLC media player.
  2. Press (ctrl+s) to open the media window.
  3. And tab to Capture device.
  4. Drop down the capture mode and select desktop to record live screen then click stream.(Note: Select Desktop and then click stream for capture desktop screen)
  5. Stream output window pop up's check whether the source is set to screen:// and click next. 
  6. Once you click next, another window opens to add the destination of the captured video to be saved.
  7. And click browse to locate the destination of the captured video on preferred disk location. And then name the video and click SAVE.
  8. By default VLC capture's screen in MP4 format, if you want to change the format into any other option, drop down the profile to find several other supported formats.
  9. Click Stream, Now VLC is ready to capture live desktop screen.

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