True Advantages of Using Cloud-Based Technology

Internet users nowadays have so many beneficial services at their disposal. From internet-provided TV signal to platforms that stream series and movies for a symbolic monthly fee, to tons of online storing space, the web has become a ubiquitous solution for fun, leisure and business.

However, the latter has probably experienced the most dramatic changes thanks to the development of the Internet. And the modern Internet feature that has contributed to it mostly is cloud-based technology.

Why the name cloud?
The term cloud has been coined because users can't see all the operations going on when using a cloud service. What we see are tangible devices that receive or send data. All other processes are invisible to us, as if happening in a sort of a cloud. So, any data that you store in virtual space could be considered cloud-based data.
Cloud Computing Pictorial Representation
For instance, when you save your photos on Google Drive, you have stored them in cloud. Moreover, posting and keeping photos or documents to your social media profiles are also considered cloud storage solutions.

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  • Unparalleled data sync options: If you are old enough to remember microfilms and floppy disks, you know how time-consuming and annoying it was to keep and transfer business and any other data back then. Even with the local storage space (hard disks) it was sometimes slow and cumbersome to transfer and synchronize data. With cloud, however, everything is synced and updated automatically. The automation of work has been an unreachable goal for centuries. Today, cloud has enabled us to experience this extremely practical business option.
  • Freelance via cloud: Today many companies use the benefits of outsourcing via the Internet. Before the advent of cloud-based services, this was also possible, but the whole procedure was much slower and less efficient. Nowadays, however, you can hire employees from all the continents in the world. The opposite direction is also valid – people can work for companies from all over the globe. What you need is Internet access and a computer. All other things can be done online. You can use all kinds of apps and features to create content that you might need for your work. The fact that the whole world can get intertwined with the help of cloud, business-wise, probably stands out as the ultimate advantage of this ethereal service.
  • Pay as you go: Full-scale data and Internet packages provided by large telecommunications companies have proved to be unpractical for business terms. While their fellow large IT companies often used the paid packages to the full, many small- and medium-sized businesses found it too expensive.

    Now that there are cloud services at their disposal, it is much more affordable, since they can pay on a monthly basis and use the flexibility of such services. Providers also move towards more scalable and user-friendly hosting and cloud data storage options. For example, managed IT Services located in Brisbane have numerous options for best business experience for all sorts of businesses and companies.
  • Handy cloud business services: Although many individuals and businesses already use cloud options, it is always useful to remind you of the most appropriate ones out there on the market. For people who work with documents on a daily basis, but need to speed up their work process, Office 365 is a perfect choice. Instead of installing Office package to your machine, you can use it in the cloud and integrate it with the Active Directory. Also, Share Point and Exchange are also at your disposal.
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On the other hand, more demanding business people will go for Adobe Connect, thanks to its wide-range scalability and outstanding support for mobile users.

Cloud is already widely used, but it is still a pioneer solution in the computing field. We can only imagine to what heights this service will go (literally). The sooner you start using it, the better your chances are to keep pace with other firms and use cloud as wisely as possible for better business results.

About the Author: This article was contributed by Logan Grayson, he is an tech enthusiasts.

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