BackUp, Recover and Restore Sticky Notes in Windows

If you're fond of sticky notes for its elegant outlook and simple controls, then you might use it too frequently to store instant text messages and a reminder about upcoming events right from the desktop display. Besides the default options, also learn these additional tips and tricks to utilize the sticky notes better and efficient.

The reason why sticky notes are a greater success among windows users is due to its simple design and remainder note. At first sticky notes was released on windows XP exclusively in tablet edition, then included this app in the later versions of windows 7, 8 and 8.1 operating system with the identical template design and features. Unlike notepad app, you cannot store (or) transfer the note in any storage medium, but with these tips and tricks you can !.

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How to Re-Launch the Delete Confirm Action Dialogue Box in Sticky Notes?
Since sticky notes once closed does not save text written on it, hence it prompts a confirmation message each time when trying to delete, despite some of you may find it as a two step process, so you opt to "Don't show this message again" which deletes the sticky notes without a warning message to confirm the action when the cross symbol at the right top corner of the sticky notes was clicked.
Re-Launch Delete Confirm Action Dialog Box
If you want to re-launch the delete confirmation message to pop up each time while deleting a sticky note from the desktop screen, to prevent it from being deleted accidentally. You can do this easily, just follow these simple steps.
  1. Type Regedit in start menu
  2. Open the register editor (Note: Run as an administrator to access the registry files )
  3. Navigate to the following folders to edit the sticky note registry files.
  4. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Applets\StickyNotes
    Image Representing the Navigation of above Code
  5. Either delete the PROMPT_ON_DELETE key (or) double click on the PROMPT_ON_DELETE key and set its hexa decimal value data to 1.
    Delete the PROMPT_ON_DELETE key
  6. (Or)
    Assign the hexa value as 1
  7. And you're done, the next time when you close a sticky note it will prompt a warning message for confirming action. 
How to Create Backup of Sticky Notes in Windows 7/8     
By default when a crash occurs in Operating systems, most probably the partition that holding the system files will be the one to get affected first. So we often create a backup of files from our computer and save it to either external drives, cloud (or) other partition on the same disk, to prevent the important files and data's from accidental deletion.

Since sticky notes are pasted on the desktop screen, which is integrated as a part of the system file, hence when an unrecoverable crash occur's, then the entire sticky notes on the desktop screen will be deleted permanently along with the system files. By default sticky notes don't have a user interface to create a backup of notes, nevertheless, we can create sticky notes backup manually. Just follow the below steps to create the backup of sticky notes.

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  1. Open run dialog box (Press windows key + R (or) type run in search)
  2. Type the below text into it and press enter.
  3.  %AppData%\Microsoft\Sticky Notes\
    Image representation
  4. Immediately a folder opens with the location of the sticky notes snt file.
    copy this snt file to safe location
  5. Copy the snt file and save it as a backup of your sticky notes
  6. And you're done.
How to Restore Deleted Sticky Note With BackUp Copy
          In the above process, we let you know how to create backup of sticky notes and save it in another storage location, so how to restore the sticky notes after the crash recovery (or) to send the sticky notes by e-mail (or) to run the copy of backup sticky note on some other system. Perhaps you would have guessed the steps to do it, then make sure you were right by matching it with the below steps.
  1. Open run dialog box (Press windows key + R (or) type run in search)
  2. Type the below text into it and press enter.
  3.  %AppData%\Microsoft\Sticky Notes\
  4. Now replace the stickynotes.snt file with the backup copy created earlier.
  5. And you're done.
Note:To view the text written in the backup sticky note file, right click on the Stickynotes.snt file and select open then opt to "select a program from the list of installed programs" and choose notepad and click OK to open the sticky note file in notepad.

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