How to Post Blank Facebook Comments and Empty Status Update

There is some awkward controversy conversation on Facebook where we go speechless and search for words to express what we really meant, but our replies would result in provocation. So it's better to let them know our presence on that specific status by commenting without making any kind of provocation.

           Besides Facebook is not only for controversies but also for people who would like to express their presence online in a unique status update or comments. You might have seen & wondered facebook fan pages which don't include any message or smiley's just a blank status update. Actually, it's not at all a big deal posting an empty status update or blank comments on facebook if you know the trick, so how to do it.

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How to Post Empty Status Update and Blank Comments On Facebook ?
           Sometimes words stab much deeper in the heart more than a knife would so stay calm and cool with blank comments on Facebook. And confuse your Facebook friends and acquaintances with empty status updates. By default Facebook interface will never let you  post blank updates/comments with space bar so we use ALT numeric codes which includes some number series often used in documents to add symbols, special characters and also to introduce foreign languages etc.
Post Blank Facebook Status and Comments On Facebook

This ALT numeric code print soft-hyphens that are used as a word separator in documents which is set invisible.

  1. Log in to your facebook account.
  2. Click the status update block or comment block
  3. Press and hold Alt and type 0173 on your numeric keypad. [Note: Make sure "Num Lock" key is on and use numeric keypad on right of your keyboard don't use num keys listed in rows above alphabet keys]
  4. Alt+0173 and press "Enter" on comment box (or) click post on a status update to see blank comments/status.
  5. And you're done.
Now you know how to post blank comments and status on world's most popular social media, and stay different from your friends by posting unusual status updates and comments on facebook.


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