Customize Windows Sticky Notes Color, Font and Text Format

Sticky notes tips and tricks to customize

Like other text editor's sticky notes template window can also be re-sized by dragging its corner to any side. But customizing text format is not ease in sticky notes, like doing in other applications.

With few color combinations for template background and single text font style, sticky notes limit its customization features. If you're one among the millions of sticky note user who expect some more customization feature from this handy application to take quick notes, here we would like to explore some of the tricks to customize the notes of this small applet program.

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Additionally, sticky notes support pen and touch input on PC/TABLET with a touchscreen display, so the user can add their own font style with bare hands without a need for a keyboard to input text into it. Even though it's not a good idea to save the user access passwords on sticky notes, but with your own font style, you can create secret text notes and hints that only understood by you, which reminds you of your passwords.

How to change sticky note background color?
        Since sticky notes have no naming feature its hard to differentiate, if two or more sticky notes of the same size pasted and floating on the desktop screen, However, we can easily distinguish each notes varying with its size and color. By default sticky notes has 6 different color's to choose from, just right click on the sticky notes screen and choose any of the 6 colors from the list.

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Change Background template color of sticky notes
Having different color's of sticky notes template will let you easily organize the notes floating on the desktop screen without any trouble and confusion to choose a preferred note.

How to format sticky notes text? 
         Sticky notes are widely used for its simple design and few basic controls, Since it doesn't have a graphical user interface to format the text like word pad and notepad files, nevertheless it supports keyboard shortcut key combination to format the text style.
Keyboard Shortcut Keys
Press L once for Bullet List and twice for Numbered list and thrice for an alphabetic list
Strike Through Text
Increase Font Size
Decrease Font Size
Ctrl+Scroll wheel
Scroll up and down to increase and decrease text size
Single space lines
Double Spacelines
Sets 1.5 line spacing
To change all text to CAPITAL  Letters
To align text left
To Align text right
Align text at center

Lack of visual controls to format sticky notes text style were compromised with these shortcut keys to make people stick with sticky notes.

How to change sticky notes default font type?
           As we said before sticky note UI is very simple and adequate enough for average user's, but if you are bored of the standard antique font(Segoe Print) and expect a change of different font style, you can easily change the font to any style available on the web.
Sample note with different Font Style
Simply copy the text note from your sticky note apps and add it to any of your document applications such as Wordpad, MS-office files etc. and change its font style, color and edit text format from there, and then copy the formatted text and paste it on the sticky notes once again. The text edited on WordPad and MS word will remain the same on a sticky note when copied and pasted onto it.

To change default typing text font of sticky notes
            The above method is used to change the typed text, but if you want to type text with your favorite font type, replacing the default font type, just do the simple steps below.
  1. Type regedit in start menu search and hit enter
  2. Once the registry editor window is opened, navigate to the below folder's at the registry editor left sidebar one by one to reach fonts 

  3.   HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->SOFTWARE->Microsoft->Windows NT

  4. From the registry editor right sidebar, search for Segoe Print (TrueType).
  5. Double click on Segoe Print (TrueType), immediately a small window prompts.
  6. Change the value data from Segoepr.ttf to any other font style of your choice. (Note: Find the preferred font name from the registry editor fonts and replace it with the segoepr.ttf value data)
  7. Replace te segoepr.ttf with different font style with ttf as the extension
  8. Once the value data font name is assigned click ok.
  9. And restart the computer for the changes to take effect.
Warning: Replacing the Segoepr.ttf value with another font styles, will affect every application, so whenever the segoepr.ttf font style is selected, it will be automatically replaced with the edited font style.

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