Aircel Hidden Truth Behind Unlimited 3G Data Plans & Tricks

As we all know Aircel is the only service provider with several GPRS tricks, 3G tricks, Hacking tricks etc. But when its customers started overwhelming, it has set some limit's on consuming internet Data's for its customers such as "Aircel Free 100 Mb 3G Daily Tricks".

Also Check : "Aircel Free 100 Mb 3G Daily Tricks" which gives you 3G data usage of 100mb/day daily for a month.

Aircel claims that post usage of 3g data, the internet connection speed will be reduced upto 128kps, but its not the fact. yes ofcourse after the limited 3g data over, the speed will be 128kps, But it will not remains the same whole day, even this has limit of 100MB/day. after the post usage of this 128kps of data, the speed of 3g will be even reduced abruptly ie: 20 to 30kps.

            In India none of the service provider provides unlimited 3g data at the same speed, its their marketing strategy to grab customers, each of them will have certain MB or GB.limit's for a day/month.

Few months back Aircel unlimited 3G data secrets revealed and user's provided with hacking tricks and started download unlimited 3G data at 3.6/mbps speed without any data limit on its usage, and now its been found by Aircel and stopped. hope their secrets will be revealed soon..

Overview Of Aircel 3G Unlimited Plans(Post Usage)
         This is what the exact overview of aircel 3g unlimited plans(post usage), for aircel daily tricks.
  • 100mb Of 3G Data At 3.6Mbps Speed =  Daily/Month
                       ( and After The Usage)
  • 100mb Of 3G Data At 128Kbps Speed =  Daily/Month
  • After This Limit It Will Be Around Just 20-30kbps. 
So kindly be aware of Aircel 3g plans & tricks. We will explore upcoming Aircel tricks on this site, so update with us. And don't forget to like and share this article.


  1. is that 100 MB daily limit also for 15 GB unlimited plan?

  2. U can get 100mb data once u reach the 15 GB limit with in the expiry date..

  3. They changed the plan i think..
    Anyway aircel announced the cheapest 3G plan. 3GB high speed 3g for 100 rupees and 60 days validity.



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