Auto Resize HQ Image On Websites To Fit Into Post Body

Auto Re-Size HQ Images on Blogger Blog

You might have seen several internet magazines, online photo gallery, or photo blogs, websites that contain images which will overlap the actual post body width, due to its high resolution or size. To make it fits into the website body, the user has to make certain changes with the width and height of the photos manually one by one, which becomes tedious process, if your blog or website is all about photos and images, you cannot make changes manually, proceeding with the step by step process anymore..

How to resize the images in websites and blog automatically to fit into content width.
Every blogger blog photos can vary accordingly with the blog content, though we have dynamic templates to auto resize blog content to the device its viewed, Here we explained how to make a blog to auto re-size high definition photos and images that fit and embed along with the blog content. It's quite simple and effective, just follow the steps below:
  1. Just Go To Your Website Template Design Code.
  2. Press CTRL+F and Search For ]]></b:skin>
  3. Just Above This Code Paste  .post-body img {max-width:99% !important;}
  4. Save Template and Your Done.

Note: Before Making Any Changes With Your Template, Make Sure To Save A Back Up Copy.

If you have any query, post your query as a comment below, I will  be their to solve your queries.

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