How to Transfer Data Between Mobile and Computer Using WIFI

Transferring data between mobile devices, even with smartphones of different brands, is not a big deal when you have Bluetooth or SD card support. But if you want to transfer data between a laptop/desktop computer with mobile that doesn't have built in wireless features  it requires some physical intermediate devices to make it happen, such as SD cards, data cables, card readers etc.
Even though USB data cable's are the ideal medium to transfer data between mobile phone and computer or between any other devices, that provides fast and reliable data transmission, But carrying USB data cables everywhere just to transmit data is not fair and also what if data cables are unavailable at that time (or) if the device is some more distance away from the cable reach.

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So the solution would be a wireless medium that enables connection between both the devices, since most devices are now built-in with Bluetooth and WIFI utility to support data transfer. By considering transmission range it covers, reliability and transfer speed, we use WIFI here, which is much more efficient & reliable than Bluetooth and a better rival to data cables.

How To Move Files Between Computer and Mobile With Wifi
             Wifi file transfer by smarterdroid: An android application interface that let android phones to synchronize with computers for user access and to make changes. With this app enjoy hassle free data transfer between your android phone and computer.

  1. Visit google play store then download and install "wifi file transfer" app by smarterdroid.
  2. Enable wifi on phone/computer and make it visible. 
  3. Open the downloaded app in your mobile and click start service to let your android device access from computer.
    Click Start Service
  4.  Type the IP addresses displayed on the mobile app screen into the computers web browser to open the interface. (Note: This app runs as a background service and stay active unless (or) until the service stopped on mobile).
    Web interface IP Address
  5. And your'e done, now you can access, edit, delete and add files to your android device from your computer.
Caution: Any other computer's connected on the same local area (or wlan) network can access your android device with the IP address when the service is open, so its advised to "set access password" on your android device to prevent unknown user access on public networks.

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How to Set Access Password ?
            It is highly advisable to "set access password" in the app settings, when this app used on public wifi networks, to do so follow the steps below.
Set Access Preference
  1. Open wifi file transfer app on your phone
  2. Now clicksettings icon on the left to set your preferences.
  3. Select set access password, then type any password of your choice.
  4. Now each time when anyone try to access your android device on computer's web interface a window prompts for passwords.
  5. Type the same password on computer's web interface to access mobile.
Note: File formats of any kind such as .pdf, .avi, .mp3, .mp4 are downloaded automatically when opened on computer, but photos and images were viewed directly on the web interface(i.e. web browser).

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