Turn Browser into Notepad to Take Quick Notes

There are several third party plugins and extensions which are used as an added utility to enhance better user experience on web browsers. But there is some hidden utility built-in which should be revealed for maximum utilization of web browsers. And one such utility is that "Browser tab as virtual notepad".
Now don't plunge into default notepad every time to note down text, addresses or e-mail, simply tab to virtual notepad in your browser. Because sometimes it annoy's when shifting between browser - notepad and notepad - browser to note down immediate thoughts as text. Despite tab between application is not the only benefit of using browser as a virtual notepad, it can also be used a word pad.

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How to Make Browser Window into Text Editor - Notepad
             Ever since the release of notepad, even with less functionality than other full scale text editor's, notepad remains successful due to its capability to do basic text operation faster and easier.
Sample image representing Virtual Notepad On Web Browser
But web browsers make it even faster and easier to create quick notes within the browser window, without a second application opened each time, However, Quick notes on a web browser cannot be an appropriate one to note down your text content, but it will be very useful when browsing the web. To use a web browser as notepad, just follow these below steps to do.
  1. Copy and paste the below code into your browser address bar.
  2. data:text/html, <html contenteditable>
  3. Press Enter to run the code.
  4. And you're done, now target your mouse cursor into browser tab and start to type text instantly.
Note: Since Data URI schemes are not supported in Internet Explorer browser, the above piece of code will not work in IE. And also you no need to remember this piece of code, to access notepad in the web browser, just bookmark the tab containing the "data:text/HTML, <html contenteditable>" code in a browser, then simply open the bookmark whenever notepad is required.

Why Web Browser as Virtual Notepad ?
               Scribble and note down any sudden idea blooms on your mind, in browser notepad instantly. In the basic text editor(notepad) you cannot paste the copied image into it, but this browser notepad will let you do almost everything that you do on the word pad, including speck check and grammar checker feature available in Microsoft word, but it doesn't have a graphical user interface like the one on word pad and MS word to edit and format text and media files in it. nevertheless, virtual web browser notepad supports some basic short cut keys functions to edit and format text such as.

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Ctrl + R = To refresh and clear the content on the browser notepad
Ctrl + A = To select all text
Ctrl + C = To copy the text
Ctrl + V = To paste the copied text and image
Ctrl + I = To change text into italic style
Ctrl + B = To Bold text characters
Ctrl+  S = To save the text file as an HTML file
Please Note: you can copy and paste images on browser's virtual notepad , but only images from the HTML pages are supported and cannot copy paste images from the computer.

Ctrl+Z(Undo) and Ctrl+Y(Redo) option's were also supported. And also you can even customize template design, format and outlook of your virtual notepad used in browser, just like you do with HTML style attributes on HTML webpages, to do so just add HTML styling attributes next to the content editable code in browser address bar.
For Example : 
data:text/html, <body contenteditable style="font: 7rem monospace;background: yellow; padding:7rem;">
Change Text and Background Color Of Notepad
Warning: Browser tab when used as a notepad will never prompt warning message to save the text file whenever attempt to close the browser(unless warning message when closing a browser is enabled), however you can save the written text on browser's virtual notepad as an HTML file with the short key Ctrl+S, just like saving an entire webpage.

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