Things You Need To Know About Aircel MNP - How to Port

Switch to Aircel and Attain your liimits
As we all know, we have the freedom to choose our own service provider, with the existing number, just by simply porting our number to another favorite service provider of our choice. not all service provider suits the best for all the customers, user who would like to change there service provider without changing his mobile number, can user MNP(mobile number portability) facility.
As per TRAI's new regulation, each and every service provider in india should provide this facility to their existing/new customers.

How To Port:
  1. Send an sms from the number you want to port. 
  2. Eg. PORT 9999999999 to 1900. 
  3. You Will Get An UPC(Unique Porting Code) code 
  4. After That Go To Your Nearest Favorite Service Providers Show Room With The UPC and ID Proof 
  5. After 5 to 7 days your number will be ported.Aircel is one of the cheap and best service provider, but before changing your existing number to aircel, some secrets conditions and rules should be taken into consideration.

PROS - Why Aircel ?
  1. Life Time Validity 
  2. Aircel to Aircel 10p/sec and Other N/w 30p/sec
  3. Daily Offers Such as Daily 2 Free Calls
  4. Full Talk Time Offer, For Top ups. 
  5. Rediced Call Rate.
CONS - Aircel ?
                Since your number is set to state registration, you cannot avail maximum benefits and offers for your city, unless few offers released by your service provider for that particular city.
  1. Your number will be notified with a roaming symbol R If you bought your number in district, it will be considered as state number. eg: Hyderabad Number - Andhra Number, Hence You cannot avail offers that were announced in your city, even you have bought your number in city. 
  2. Restricted to send your mobile balance to other number for 90days. 
  3. Aircel Unlimited 3g Offer Between Morning 6 to 9am for 30 days Is Not Available. 
  4. SMS Packs RC55 for 60days not available. 

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