A Required CD/DVD Device Driver Is Missing - Error

Windows Error
You can install windows 7 operating system with several devices such as USB drive, CD/DVD drive etc.
But while installation after the welcome screen, you could receive a possible error message.  such as

Error Message On Windows OS Installation:

A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing, If you have a floppy, CD/DVD, or USB flash drive, please insert it now.

Note: If the Windows Installation media is in the CD/DVD drive you can safely remove it from 

If you are using CD or DVD drive to install your operating system:
The possible reasons for your problem were listed below.

  • Incompatible CD/DVD drive For Windows 7, Just because your computer system is too OLD or outdated.
  • Dirty or Damaged Drive 
  • Try to replace your drive or Disconnect & reconnect the device driver cables once again or follow alternative options below.
nstall it using USB drive:
Note: Continue this step only after converting a USB flash drive into bootable drive(Avoid Using USB 3.0).

  1. Change your boot device priority order to USB flash drive in bios settings.
  2. Most probably installing it with USB drive solves this issues, If u got the same error message, as above even while installing it with USB.
  3. Remove and Reconnect the USB Flash drive into other Ports (because some USB versions could have made visibility to access the driver files may be hidden in some USB versions for security & speed issues).
  4. Once you did, Click Cancel and Come Back To the Installation Welcome Screen.
  5. And Install now you will find you are allowed to move to the next procedures without any obstacles.


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