How to Change MTU Size In Windows Systems

The default MTU(maximum transmission unit) setting of the window OS system is set to 1500(maximum), if you would like to change the value, to match the router MTU, you can change the settings of your windows OS as well.
If you have assigned the invalid MTU size to the windows, that does not match with the wifi router's MTU, it may lead to loss of internet connection or some websites not loading problem occurs.

To Find the default MTU size of your windows sytesm.
  1. Open Dos command prompt window
  2. Type "netsh intereface ipv4 show subinterfaces" Press Enter.

Fig: Displaying MTU size View.(red marked is the MTU size of the system

How to change the windows MTU size/value/bytes.
  1. Start->All Programs->Accessories
  2. Right click Command prompt->Select Run as administrator
  3. Type "Netsh" Press Enter Wait For Prompt
  4. Then Type "Interface" press Enter wait for prompt
  5. Type "ipv4" and Press enter wait for prompt.
  6. Type "set subinterface "Local Area Connection" mtu=xxxx store=persistent" and Press Enter. Change the xxxx to the value between 64 and 1500, for example 1492.
  7. you will be prompted with a message as OK.
  8. And your'e Done.
Fig: Picture representing MTU byte size modification.

 Now your windows MTU settings were change from default to the user defined size.
Hope this is helpful.

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