How to change Router DNS server settings

If you are not allowed to connect to internet (or) some of the websites were not loading,
Here are some additional troubleshooting steps that I would suggest you to try:

Do as follows:
  •  Access the wifi router modem settings page. 
  • To access the administrative functions of router setup.
Connect your computer to the modem via ethernet cable.
  1. Open your Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox or Chrome Web Browser 
  2. In the address bar, type your router IP address (for example: for Netgear Wifi Routers)
  3. For any other routers try the IP address or check with the router product page for its IP address.
  4. If prompted, enter "admin" for username and "password" for password. 
  5. Click OK button or just press on Enter key. 
Go to Basic Settings 
  1. Select “Use these DNS Servers” 
    •  a. Primary DNS server: 
    •  b. Secondary DNS server: 
    • The above mentioned IP addresses were Google Default Public IPv4 DNS server.
     2.  Press Apply If the websites are still not loading, please try to restart the modem and the computer and try again.

Still some of the websites were not loading in your web browsers, Click here to diagnosis / troubleshoot.

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