How to Increase Website Loading Speed in Chrome Browser

Increase Google Chrome Speed  By 2 Times
Its very much annoying when our browser takes much time to load a single page, in some cases we will just move away from the page, when irritated. User's around the world don't want to spend much time in loading a page to view its content, even though the website contain quality information, due its increased loading time, we will just move away.

To overcome this problem Google Chrome Web Browser provided facilities to load a website content partially, By loading what is really required.

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Causes For Increased Loading Time Of Websites:
  • Video Plugins Play Video's Automatically When Viewed Or Refreshed
  • Flash Ads Around The Content Play Automatically
Steps To Stop Auto Play Of Videos, Ads and Flash Ads Around The Content.
  1. Open Your Google Chrome Browsers
  2. Go to Setting's In The Right Top Corner Of The Browser Near Address Bar
  3. Click Setting 
  4. Drag Down To See->Show Advanced Settings
  5. Click Show Advanced Settings ->Privacy->Content Settings
  6. Content Setting->Pop Up Window Appears
  7. Check For Plugins Option 
  8. And Change The Option From Run Automatically To Either Block All Or Click To Play
  9. Click Done
And your'e done, hope this is useful in reducing your data usage and loading time, to experience faster and cheaper browsing.

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