How to post Hyper/Active/Clickable link on yahoo answers

If you're a blogger you may want to promote your content everywhere among the internet users, to increase web traffic, and while considering web traffic yahoo answer's remain's at the peak which plunges web traffic from 0 to 100 in no time, because of billion's of yahoo user's. 
           But when trying to post hyper link on yahoo answer's for the query raised by the yahoo user, you may find your link posted in text format instead of clickable link that increases the traffic. So even a answer marked as the best answer attached with your domain URL, cannot lead maximum traffic due to in -active web link's.

Why I can't post Active/Clickable Link on yahoo answers ?
" Unless your'e an active member and entered into level 2 with minimum of 250 points, you will not be allowed to post Hyper/Active/Clickable links on yahoo answers" 

This action by yahoo to prevent users from spamming, by posting irrelevant contents as answers to the users.

Fig: Representation of members levels with their points.

If you have reached the level 2, then automatically you will be allowed to answers questions with hyper active links, then your web links will be visible in yahoo as hyper links .

Points and Levels.
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