Know How to Use Web browsers as a Calculator

Did you know you can use your web browsers as calculator for any scientific calculation, here in this post i will tell you, how to make use of your web browsers as a calculator[scientific calculator] for instant use of action, when you are running out of time.

1. For Chrome Web browser:

To access the console:

Shortcut key is   [Ctrl+Shift+J]

2. For Mozilla Firefox Web browser:

To open a console underneath the web browser

Shortcut key is  [Ctrl+Shift+K]

Unlike Chrome web browser's, in firefox browsers enter the input calculation value at the bottom of the console page >>.

3. For Internet Explorer Web Browser:

To Open console in internet explorer browser to use calculator instantly.

Press F12 and Switch to Console Tab.
F12 ->Pop Window Appears->Script ->Console.

4. For Opera Web Browser.

To Open a console in Opera Web Browser Simple Press [ESC].
Developer tool window will open, switch to console tab.
Shortcut key to open console in Opera Web Browser.

In Opera The Console View Will Look Something Like this:

In this way you can use your web browsers as an instant scientific calculator. 
Shortcut Keys To Open Console In Web Browsers.

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