Problem Loading Some Websites - Query Cleared

If you bought a new wifi router modem, most probably you will be facing such issues. Connecting to internet won't be a problem, but loading some websites like,,, etc, will be annoying which will loads for a long long time and eventually returns you an error message displaying cannot display this page.

Here in this post i will clear your titled query loading certain websites.
  • This problem exist in MTU settings of your router.
  • MTU(maximum transmission unit) is the maximum transmission that a device can transmit, when communicating with another device over the internet.
  • Go to your router settings Advanced WAN Setup option.
  • You will find that your default router MTU settings were set to "1492" if you were in PPPoE environment.
Note: Before making any changes In the router settings, backup the actual settings assigned to you by your ISP.

  1. Go to your router settings
  2. Select Advanced->WAN setup Menu
  3. Change the MTU Size/Value/bytes to 1460 from anyother default size present.
  4. Click Apply and Save the new configuration
  5. And your'e done.
Try loading the issue websites now, you will find websites loading immediately without any delay.

Other problems such as
  1. Blocked sites in router settings.
  2. DNS Banned.
  3. Viewing a Proxy websites.
  4. Parental Guidence Settings In Windows OS/Browsers.
If the above does not work, then you will be having problem with the MTU Size of your windows system, so to change the MTU size of your windows.

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