Find Name of Unknown Mobile Number With True Caller

The telephone directory is no longer sustain's, due to the advent of internet and smartphones which occupies lesser space either physically or digitally. This descent of physical directories is due to the lack of features and flexibility because it's hardly impossible to house billion's of the mobile number's into a book, even if they do it cannot be compact.

Like telephone number's, mobile user's number was not exhibited publicly, hence we never know from whom we are receiving calls, and there are many apps and tools which claims to display the name of the person with the mobile number, but eventually displays only the geographical area and mobile service provider name.

It's been a long time that mobile operator's were not allowed to reveal a person's identity for security policies. Finally, here come's a solution for the problem that dispense the name of the person who called us and remains anonymous.

"Are you annoyed by missed calls, messages or prank calls from a person who don't reveal his Identity"?
Then you are in a right place to know the name of the person who called you, just with their mobile phone number without any hassle.

How To Find The Mobile Caller Name With Number
 It's a simple and most effective online tool that I have ever found online. below are the step's that you have to do, in order to use this service for free.

  1. Visit the website from any of your device
  2. Sign in with any of the option below and accept, all the terms and conditions(Refer below image).
  3. Select your country in the search box and Enter the mobile number that you want to know the name.
  4. True Caller Search Number
  5. Click Search, you will find the name of the unknown person who called you, like the below image. Not only the name of the person, if possible, the person's pictures, address etc will also be retrieved and displayed from their social media profiles.
  6. And now no caller is unknown, everyone is known because you know who called you.
Important Note: Once you are registered with this service, you can not only reveal unknown number's identity but also know who is trying to observe your identity by using 'Truecaller'. Whenever a registered user searches you on Truecaller you'll be notified through e-mail and SMS immediately.

Steps to Remove Your Identity From True Caller Database
What if you want don't want your mobile number to be listed on true caller database, for privacy related stuff's, this site has a solution for this as well, check it out how.

Do Remember:  If you're a registered 'Truecaller' user, you must deactivate your account first, in order to Unlist your mobile number from the Truecaller database. To deactivate your account follow the instruction below
  • IF Android: Open the truecaller app in your device> Tap on people icon in the upper left corner > Settings > About > Deactivate account.
  • IF iPhone: Open the truecaller app > Tap on the cogwheel in the top right corner > About Truecaller > Scroll down > Deactivate Truecaller.
  • IF Windows: Open the truecaller app and press on the 3 dotted menu at the bottom right corner > Settings > Help > Deactivate account.
Note: Deactivating your account in "truecaller" doesn't completely remove your information from the true caller database you are still searchable unless or until you unlist your number, to do so Just follow the instruction below on How to Unlist your mobile number from true caller database.

Whereas people who are not registered with this service and not willing to exhibit their identity on 'Truecaller' can remove them self by following the instruction below.
  1. Visit this link to Unlist yourself from being searched by others online, image below)
  2. Simply enter the phone number with country code and enter the word verification and click Unlist.
  3. And you're done, your name won't be listed anymore in's database.

Know Who Is Calling You - Download True Caller Mobile Apps
Surprise anonymous caller by telling their name when you receive a call from them. Download this app into your Smartphone to reveal the identity of unknown numbers directly when you receive Call. So you don't need to look for unknown number's on true callers web search directory separately, it will automatically prompt the unknown identity just like caller ID when connected to the internet.

Download Truecaller For Smartphones
Visit this link to Download Truecaller App for your smartphone and download the corresponding App for your type of smartphones operating system. Supported mobile OS such as Windows, Symbian, Android, Apple(iOS), Blackberry.

Please Note: The name of the person's are grabbed from several internet sources, so we cannot assure 100% accuracy in the result displayed on this tool('Truecaller').


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  8. True caller is not working in my Notebook when enter on this web site is sowing block what is solution plz reply

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    1. Install the app else visit the site and then try for yourself



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