How To Change Default Folder ICON All At Once

Are you bored with the Microsoft's windows default folder icon, and want your own desired image (or) icon to be set as your default folder icon everywhere all at once, then we will help you in facilitating the process.

Prerequisite to Make Changes:
  • No need of software's
  • No need of Third party tools or anything
  • Just make some simple changes in your register editor
Caution: Incorrect changes in register editor could lead to any serious issues, so be precise while making any changes.
Here in this tutorial we have explained you guys in a simple tutorial.
  1. Open Run  
  2. Type Regedit press enter
  3. List the folder's in the below order
  4. Right, click Explorer->New->Key  -  Name the folder as Shell Icons(case sensitive).
  5. Now Right click shell icons folder->new->string value     [Refer below picture illustration]  
  1. Set value name as
  2. Right-click the reg file named 3 created in the right side panel and click Modify [Refer below picture illustration]

  3. And Set value data as your preferred .ico file location. (i.e) Your preferred image in icon format.
    1. For Example "C:\Users\Crazy\Downloads\YOUR FILENAME.ICO" as value data (i.e) file path.
    2. To convert your image into icon view this website and add your image or URL download the converted icon and select the path of your image. Refer this Site To Convert.(
    3. Example Pictures Illustration Looks like:

    1. Click Ok and You're Done, Just Log Off and Log in Once Again to see the changes.
    Note: To show your preferred image in all your folder disable thumbnail view to do so:
    Go to Organise->Folder Search option->View->Advanced Setting->Check Always show icons never thumbnails and apply.
    • Reference Image:
    Hope you can understand my tutorial in text format, if you have any query or problem with your changes do comment below, we will help you.

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