How To Replace Folder Icon In Windows

Are you really confused about same yellow folder icon's that visually looks similar, that makes you to get redirected, instead of the actual folder you are looking for?

Know here how to replace the default window's folder icon at random to any preferred image of your choice:
How to Change default folder icons in windows

Step 1: Right Click on any folder that you want to change/customize the icon
Step 2: Click Properties->Customize [Refer the below image illustration]

Step 3: Click Change icon a pop-up window appears with a lot of default windows icon's to opt for if you like any of that icon and you want to replace simply select the icon and click ok[Refer the below picture illustration].

Step 4: And if you want your own image or icon to be set as your folder icon
  1. First, convert your image/picture into an icon file
  2. To do so visit this website and add your image or URL, and then download the converted icon into your disk. Refer this Site To Convert.(
Step 5: Click browse and select the path of the downloaded icon file which you have converted [Refer image below].

Step 6: Click OK and you're done.

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