How To Remove Browser Extensions Permanently

When you install an software application you will be recommended to install their "Extensions" as well, which will be added as an plugin, that runs every time when you start your browsers.

But removing all such extensions were simple task :
In most cases the below steps will help you in removing the extensions completely:
  1. Click Customize and control chrome on top right of the browser window
  2. Tools->Extensions
  3. Uncheck to Disable the extension temporarily or Click Remove from chrome to remove it permanently.
  4. Your'e done.
But in some cases when you install a software application, when you may or may not be prompted to install extensions that will resides in your browsers, which will re-install automatically even if you disable or remove it from your browser window.

Certainly you need to remove extension each time when you load your browser, it will be very much annoying to do so.


  1. Go to ->program files ->Your browser file eg Chrome or Firefox
  2. You will find a folder named extensions
  3. Delete the Application files that contained in your Extension folder, which was installed by the software Application
  4. Restart your browser
  5. And your'e done.

  • If you still find it difficult to remove the extension from your browsers completely/permanently
  • Uninstall the whole software application that install such extensions and then restart your browser.
Hope you find it helpful.

If you really want to remove the extension alone without uninstalling the whole software application, do comment below, we will help you. 

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