Microsoft USB Tool Unable To Copy Files - How To Solve

If you have problem with CD/DVD drive, you will go for booting in with USB drive, But remember to convert the USB drive into a bootable one, While converting a USB flash drive into Bootable drive, and copy the iso files into the formatted disk you will get an error message such as
Error Msg: Unable to copy files using windows 7 usb/dvd download tool, please check your iso file and USB stick and then start over again.

This could be due to a small amount of memory space that were occupied in your USB stick by windows, to run the iso file into USB stick the USB/DVD tool need the drive to be completely empty without any residues that were left behind, but even after formatting the disk manually you will find the space stills resides.

To completely format the USB drive, and Solve the query, do the following algorithm's below.
  1. Start command prompt as Administrator and type diskpart type list disk
  2. Type select disk and number of your USB disk that you want to format,  For eg: select disk 1
  3. Type clean 
  4. And type create partition primary 
  5. Next type select partition 1 
  6. Type active 
  7. Type format quick fs=fat32 
  8. Type assign 
  9. Type exit to exit the diskpart utility
  10. Again type exit to close command prompt
Check the below pictorial representation of command prompt algorithm carried out.

  • After doing the above process, try to load the iso file into the USB drive, now you will find that your iso file is copying into the USB flash drive and ready to boot any disk.
  • Now your'e done, change your boot order to USB flash drive 
  • And then try to format it now.
If you have any problem installing or formatting, installing OS, do COMMENT below.

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