Speed Up & Optimize Your System Using ERASER

After a year or two, you will find your system hangs, crashes, and responds dead slow, even after several possible attempts, could n't do any wonders.

Are you guys tired of trying all such stuffs below:
  • Terminating background applications, 
  • cleaning caches, history & ram memory
  • dump files, 
  • software that speed up system 
  • Speed optimizers
  • In some cases people even went to format the whole system as well
But doing all the above you will still find your system responds slow like before what they were, without any Improvement.

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This is due to over heat of circuit board that causes a wax like substance that mount over some parts of the board Like RAM, Hard disk, Mother Board, that causes the system to respond very very slow, whenever a request is sent,  due to the formation of the wax, signals can never reach the destination exactly at the time, wax will be an obstacle that causes slow responding of the system.


One simple way to speed up your system is by clearing all those wax that present on the circuit
To clear all those substance, Use erasers that is made up of the pure rubber nothing else. Rubber(eraser) will be used as an hardware optimizer tool that diagnosis & troubleshoot the problem.

Erase Circuits With Eraser

  • Simply rub the Circuit board, RAM, Hard disk,  with the erasers, to clear the wax that is mounted over the circuit boards of the system. which blocks data transfer between IC's, capacitors etc.
Hope you guys enjoy this article, please do comment below if you still have problem, or any other such hardware or software issues. We will be there to provide YOU possible SOLUTION.

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