Make Files & Folder Name Blank In Windows

In this tutorial, I will explain you things that you have skipped without knowing about windows folders and files. We all know that we can create folders and customize its icon to any image we want, but have you ever tried naming folder blank i.e without naming it, if not, then we will help you to do it.

Files and folder that we hide between folder's in some parts can also be viewed using windows search option with the file names (or) letter as a search term, but making the file names blank will ignore this particular folder/file from the window search.

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How to Create Folder's Without Name In Windows
You don't need to be neither a programmer nor a windows OS expert to make your folder name's blank in windows, just know this keyboard combination to rename your file name without any name.
Steps to Make your Folder/File names Blank
  1. Right-click on any file or folder that you want to make it blank
  2. Click On Rename
  3. Press and Hold "Alt" and Type 255 from Number Pad [its mandatory to enter number through number-pad]
    • Note: This number(255) works only for Windows 7, In case if you're using Windows XP replace the number (255) with 0160
  4. Press Enter, then you're done.
  5. Now you will find your files and folder were unnamed and left blank[like the below image].

    Important note: Only one file in a folder can be blank without a name, trying to create another blank named files in the same folder will pester's an error message window, saying there's already exist a file with the same name in this location. Ignoring this error message and continuing to rename another folder with blank names will make the upcoming folder named in the numbered order.

    Error Message - When tried to create two blank named files in the same folder
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    Hope you enjoy the trick, do comment below for queries and share it with your friends and family to let them know about this trick.

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