How to Download Facebook Videos on Android Devices

In our previous article, we let you know how to download Facebook videos in laptop/desktop without using any third party software tools and plugin. Since computer users are dropping down due to the mass size, smartphone and notebooks took its place. Hence we may need to download videos from Facebook with mobile as well.

Facebook videos can be downloaded in the android phone just like downloading Facebook videos on laptop/desktop computers through browsers. But since most often Facebook mobile app is used in android phones for its user friendliness engrossed in it, so obviously downloading Facebook videos through mobile is also one of the features that users are starving for.

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How to Download FB Videos Using Trusted Mobile App - Video Downloader for Facebook
Here in this blog, we don't post anything and everything we come across just to promote the app (or) to add one more article on our site. Everything we post here in this article is downloaded/installed and used as an end user then tested and recommended to our visitor's.
So here in this article, we would like to recommend a mobile app that facilitates your videos downloads from Facebook social networking site's and believed to be100% free from errors.
Video Downloader for Facebook

Video Downloader for the Facebook app is like a frame in which Facebook is used. It comes with a free version with ads and a pro version that cost few bugs (1$) without ads.
  1. DOWNLOAD and Launch the Video Downloader App then log in with your facebook credentials.
  2. Surf your Facebook homepage and click on any video that you want to download from Facebook.
  3. A new tab will immediately pop up a media player with the video played on it.
  4. At the top of the video, you will have 4 option's   
    1. Save - (Down Arrow) Click on Save to save the video on default location 
    2. Save as - (Down Arrow with Time)Define the location of the video to be saved on your device
    3. Cancel - (Down Arrow with a cross)Abort your downloads at any time in the mean time during download.
    4. Bookmark - (Star Symbol) Bookmark the video to save it later on.
      Video Player to Download by Video Downloader
  5. Name your video and click on save as to download the video in mp4 format.
  6. The download progress will be visible at the top of video played on it.
  7. Finally, you're done. Now open the video from the defined location/default location and play it as many times you want, without worrying about internet data (or) share the video with your friends on Whatsapp etc. 
Note: Only video's uploaded on the Facebook server can be downloaded, video's uploaded on other web server's and shared on Facebook as a link cannot be downloaded.

How to Download Facebook Videos Without Third Party Mobile Apps 
Did you know around 70% hacking attempts were made through unauthorized third party tools and apps which were believed as legitimate and downloaded into the device then later crashes the entire system? So if you are one of that kind who is allergic to third party tools for security threats, the ideal system to avail certain features would not be finding an authorized third party tool, because it's hard to differentiate third party tool free of errors, rather use no third party tools at all.
  • If you have made a glance at our previous article on how to download Facebook videos in Laptop/Desktop without third party tools than you would have guessed the below steps provided here.
  • Just Login to your Facebook account through browsers in mobile phones and do the steps provided in our previous article. (Click here to see the remaining steps to be followed)
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