How To Link Blogger Blog To Custom Domain

Congratulation user, hope you are here after registering your new custom domain from any of these service providers such as
  •  etc

Wondering how to link or redirect your blogger blog to custom domain name without loosing any traffic from your blog

It wasn't that much complex when you can setup custom domain from the blogger, because the blogger will automatically set CNAME and redirection, but it was when they stopped serving custom domains registration.

So here you go, know how to link your blogger blog to custom domain name without loosing traffic, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Adding custom domain name on blogger blog

  1. Sign into .
  2. Open the blog dashboard that you want to link to custom domain.
  3. Click settings>basic tab from the left side panel of the blogger dashboard.
  4. Click +addcustom domain at publishing panel (Refer image below).

  5. Now enter your custom registered domain name fully(including "www").
  6. Click save, you will receive a message like below image.
Step 2: Adding records to your domain registrar's console.
  1. Now go to your domain DNS console.
  2. And edit the DNS host file.
  3. Add the below records into CName Alias 
    1. www              to
    2. 4kj5thlpht4    to (Note: Change this verification code with your own unique code generated in blogger blog)
  4. Add the following A host record's into the field like the image below.
    • :Enter each field separated by fields).
  5. Once you have done with the all above process, simple save the settings, and wait for the system to refresh.
Step 3: Update blogger settings
  1. Go back to blogger blog settings>basic
  2. Enter the custom domain and tick the redirect option on publishing and save.
  3. Most often it will be saved, if not wait for few hours and then check back later.
  4. Now your'e done and your blogger blog linked to your own custom domain.

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