How To Search Youtube Videos In Specific Using Commands

Top 10 Simple Youtube Search Commands:
               World's second most popular search engine "Youtube", on top of any other search engines, each and every minute more than 24 hours length of videos are added by users around the world. It is quit difficult for viewers to search exactly what they are looking for in youtube.  Here we have some simple commands that you can use it to search any videos on youtube in specific.
  1. To limit your searches for the latest videos
    • Type video title, today - For videos that were uploaded today(ie: 24 hours) with that keyword
    • Type video title, week - For videos uploaded this week with that keyword
    • Type video title, month - For videos uploaded this month(Eg: Below)
  2. For HD video searches
    • Type video title, hd  - It will list High definition videos uploaded on youtube
  3. For Specific Youtube Channel
    • Type video title, channel - This will filter videos and list channel alone.
  4. Search only official youtube partner videos
    • Type video title, partner - Find your favorite celebrities official site and filter out other videos uploaded by fans. 
  5.  Find your favorite movies
    • Type video title, movie - Display's only movies 
  6. Limit video searches using duration
    • Type video title, long - for lengthy videos uploaded, replace the keyword long with short for short videos
    • Type video title, short - for short videos
  7. To perform title keyword match search 
    • Type allintitle:"video title" - It will list all videos uploaded with the keyword
  8. To list video playlist only
    • Type video title, playlist - you will find only videos playlist
  9. Filter 3d videos from youtube
    • Type video title, 3d - it will list 3d videos from list of youtube videos uploaded
  10. Add Two or More query in single search
    • Type video title, movie, hd, month - it will list 3d movies that were uploaded today. Likewise you can add two or more query commands in searches with keyword title.
Hope you understand how to search youtube videos for better results.

1 comment :

  1. @tamey zaidi: hello friend better try default user friendly option to watch most viewed videos
    Find filter option below your search bar
    Expand filter->today, short, videos, sort by view count



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