2 Ways To Make Short & Custom URL For Google+ Page

In our previous post you would have learned how to claim google plus custom page url easily, but you have to wait for minimum of 1 to 30days to get your custom URL approved by google plus, in the meantime you can make your google plus long URL into customized short URL that can be remembered easily by shortener tools. Suppose your vanity google plus custom URL was not available, in such cases you can continue sharing these short URL on social media.

Way 1: Make Google + URL Short Customized With gplus.to
  1. Create a Google plus pages.
  2. Go to google plus page profile and copy the registered Page ID from the browser address bar. For Eg "115424658448115162935"
  3. Now go to gplus.to
  4. Enter the custom name and paste the copied registered page ID then Click ADD
  5. Once custom URL generated, you will see a success message, like the below image.
  6. Now you can share the link with your friends and visitors.
Way 2: Create Tiny Custom URL with tiny.cc
    1. Go to tiny.cc
    2. Simply copy the whole google plus page address from the address bar and enter into the field. 
    3. Enter the custom name for your google plus page below the field and click tiny.
    4. Now you're done, custom URL generated for google plus page with tiny. 
    These are the two simple tools, which does not require to sign up and free of course, It make's your google plus URL into custom and Short to remember.
      "Hope It Is Short & Complete"

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