3 Ways To Fix Internet Explorer Stopped Working Error

Hi folks, Many of you have gone through this issue when you click on internet explorer icon, it pop-up an error message Internet explorer has stopped working. In most cases it closes automatically before it does display's an error message "Internet Explorer encountered a problem and needs to close" and once the browser session was restored, it relieves from the fault and works the best, but in some scenario, you need to do something extra to make it work.

How to Troubleshoot Internet Explorer When "Internet Explorer Stopped Working": 
Here in this tutorial, I will let you know 3 simple solutions to make your browser work better like never before. Now you are going to troubleshoot and fix this issue all by yourself, just follow these steps.

  1. By No Add-on's mode
  2. By Resetting The Internet Explorer
  3. With Fix It tool By Microsoft

Fix Stopped Internet Explorer

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Way 1: Try using IE in No Add-on's mode
                      When an add-on, such as a toolbar, plugin, if installed on your computer, it becomes part of your browser and operating system. In some cases, these programs might contain spyware. In worst cases, a malfunctioning add-on might affect the performance of your computer or cause problems accessing the Internet.
Internet Explorer has stopped working
    How to Disable Internet Explorer Add-On's ?
    1. Open Internet Explorer Window 
    2. Navigate to Manage Add-On
      1. Goto: *Tools -> Manage Add-ons In IE browser (or) 
      2. Goto: Start->control panel->Network and Internet->Internet Option and Tab to Programs and Click Manage Add-ons.
    3. Select the suspicious active Add-on from the list and press the Disable radio button below to disable it and Close. 
    4. Now Check your browser, if your browser works, enjoy browsing else try disabling other Add-ons one by one until it works.
    Note: Be careful removing Add-on, even though all Add-ons can be removed, some Add-on's were required for proper functioning of PC and Browser, if you find any necessary Add-on that was disabled accidentally, simply select the disabled Add-on and press enable to make it live.

    Way 2: Reset The Internet Explorer
              Certainly in most cases just by resetting the browser to its default setting also works, so follow the simple steps below to get started.
    1. Click on Start ->Type Run In Search Menu 
    2. Open Run dialog box
    3. Type inetcpl.cpl into Run input field and press enter/ok.
    4. An Internet Properties dialog box appears Click Reset option.

    5. Once you click another pop-up dialogue window "Reset Internet Explorer Settings" appears.
    6. Uncheck the "Delete personal settings" checkbox, because homepage, passwords, bookmarks which you have saved in your browser will also be deleted. 
    7. Click reset, and wait sometime to finish progress.
    8. And now you're done, your browser settings were reset and set to default.
    Hate doing all the above procedures, then you need this "Fix it" an online performance and security tool by Microsoft for diagnosing internet explorer.

    Way 3: Fix Crashed/Hanging Internet Explorer With Fix It tool By Microsoft
    1. Goto Microsoft Fix it support for performance and safety
      • Note: Microsoft has several Fixit tools for Internet Explorer, but choosing performance and safety will include all the process which will diagnosis the problem and respond to it.
    2. Click Run button and download the tool
      Microsoft Tool To Fix Internet Explorer 
    3. Run the Fix it tool and accept the terms.
    4. This tool will automatically detect the defective add-on's, phishing filter and diagnosis the problem and fix itself. 
    5. And you're done and now your browser is safe from defective add-ons and phishing.
    Do comment below if you still face any defects or problem in internet explorer we will solve your problems.

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