How To Claim Own Google+ Page Custom Url

Google plus! unlike any other social media around the web such as facebook, twitter, tumblr etc. user's of Google plus were not allowed to claim their own unique custom url for their page and profile. These precaution by google were to prevent spammer's around the world making gmail account clumsy.

Since people cannot remember long url with number and alphabet's like, google started suggesting name for the pages and profiles with the name we set for eg
But even in these cases people were not satisfied with the url provided by them, since you have no other choice of choosing any other option for your page url.

To claim your preferred page url for google plus social media, follow the steps below.
"No more long google url"

Step 1: Creating and Naming New Google Plus Page
  1. Visit
  2. Login with your gmail account
  3. Goto this address to create a new google plus page
  4. Choose your preferred category from the list
  5. Before naming your page check whether the page you opted for exist on the web already.
  6. Name your page (Note: Name page with the custom name that you want your page url to be, without the last letter
  7. For eg: if your custom name is teentack leave the last letter and type teentac
  8. And list your website url if you have one. Don't add blogspot or any other subdomain URL here now, Leave it empty if you are in subdomain like, wordpress etc. Enter your sub domain address once you claim the custom url.
  9. Agree with the term's/condition and complete the profile.
Step 2: Claiming own custom google+ page url
  1. Add profile pictures,description, cover photo and link your website
  2. And wait for the google page url approval, check at the top of google plus page for notification or mail, most often preapproval will pop up in 24 hour's if not wait for maximum of 30 day's.(Note: Start posting in google plus page for faster approval)
  3. Once approved, you will be notified at the top of google plus page and also in email with custom url you preferred or opted with relevant choices.
  4. Click Get URL, a pop window appears, choose the second option that says a suffix is required
  5. Enter the last letter of your custom name and confirm your choice.
  6. Congratulations your'e done, now you have your google plus page with the preferred custom name of your choice.
Note: In some cases user's no need to do all the above, Google will simply approve their custom domain, but when they don't you have no other option other than choosing the given choices, So why getting into trouble, follow the steps above and create your google+page with your unique custom url.

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