How To Type Indian Rupee Sign In Ms Word

Ever since the release of official new currency sign for rupee (INR) in India on 15 July 2010, which was designed by D. Udaya Kumar, Indian's and foreigner's are struggling to type Indian Rupee Symbol with their existing keyboard. However, since rupee symbol has been included in official Unicode standards, updating the font to the latest version of Unicode standards, will include the INR symbol in the windows font folder, hence it will be found in the more symbols section of MS-word, if updated.

Since most of the Asian's use pirated copy of windows operating system, updating the font is not possible, which requires verification and validation to authenticate the genuine copy of windows. But in this tutorial you no need to update the Unicode standards which requires validation check, and this tricks works with any version of windows OS.

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Indian Rupee Symbol
Install Rupee Sign Font In Windows - Without Updating Unicode Standards
 This tutorial will let you write indian rupee symbol on microsoft word without genuine validation start up, Just follow the simple steps below.
Follow these steps:
  1. Download Foradian Rupee Font.
  2. Now copy the downloaded ttf file
  3. Go to control panel -> appearance & personalization -> fonts
  4. Paste the downloaded file into the fonts folder to install.
  5. Now the new Indian rupee sign font has been added into windows default font folder.
How to Write Indian Rupee Sign In Ms Word
  1. Open the MS word and navigate to insert menu at the top menu bar.
  2. Click symbol sign and find rupee sign into it.
  3. Click more symbols if you don't find it on main drop down menu.
  4. Select the sign and click to insert it.
How to Create Shortcut For Rupee Symbol In Keyboard
  1. Go to insert > symbol > more symbols in ms word.
  2. Select Rupee foradian from font drop down menu and click auto correct.
  3. Now click Auto correct, a window pop ups.
  4. Replace the blank field with symbol and click add, then press OK.
  5. And your'e done, now whenever you press (Shift + ~) Key rupee sign will be inserted automatically. (Note: Apparently, you can use any special character's instead of this symbol for rupee sign, but tilt symbol(~) in keyboard is used rarely, hence we use tilt symbol here) 
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