Easy Methods To Recover Deleted Blogger Blog Post

It's not about how many articles that you post on your website or blog each day to result in the top of Search Engine Result Page, it's all about how much quality that your content has, for that blogger's spend several hours online to post a quality content. But what if you (or) someone who has the privilege to access your account has deleted your blog post accidentally, your hour's of work turned nothing.

When you delete an e-mail it's quite possible to recover from the Trash folder unless deleted permanently, but by default, blogger interface doesn't have any such folder to recover the deleted post. so recovering the data back to blog turned complex, but actually, it's easy to retrieve back if you know the trick.

How to restore deleted post back to blog?
               Google search engines crawl article posted frequently, index them and save a cached version of the page, and keeps on updating it. we have numerous possible choices to retrieve it back.  
  1. With Google Cache
  2. Draft Post 
  3. Feed Burner
  4. Way2back machine
1. Recover deleted blog post with "google cache"
           Whenever a blog article is posted, often search engine will make a cache version of the page, which will be updated in a regular time interval, which has all the information about the particular URL last appeared on site before deletion.

To find the deleted blog post Url:
  1. Type site:yourblogname.blogspot.com in google search engine. 
    • (Note: if you know the URL simply type cache:yourblogurl in search page or address bar directly to open cache version)
  2. The above search query(site:yourblogname.blogspot.com) will list all the blog post indexed by Google, select the blog post from the list. (or else)
  3. If you know the title of the deleted blog post type the query something like this
    • [site:yourblogname.blogspot.com title name] this query will filter search result.
  4. Click the drop-down below search title and click cached to open the page in cache version.
  5. Open the deleted page/post in cache version.
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Publishing the cache version of deleted blog post/page:

                             You can simply copy the post and re-publish it, but you cannot get the traffic and comments that you receive for that particular post back. so to get the actual blog post traffic and comments back try posting it with the blog URL.
  1. Press ctrl+u (or) right click and select view source at cache version of the page.
  2.  At the source window press ctrl+f and type postID something like this  postID=4950781826288432010' Note it down.
  3. Now go to blog dashboard of the blog post which you want to recover. (Note: Since you can create maximum of 100 blogs per account, each blog that you create has unique blog ID)
  4. Open any published post (or) open the new post and click edit option to open post editor.
  5. Replace the post ID that you find on the browser bar, with the deleted post ID that you noted down at step 2.
  6. Press Enter key and the post editor will display the deleted post content in it.
  7. Now click publish button, to make the deleted blog post to re-appear live on the internet.
2. Recover Deleted Unpublished Draft Post 
                 Unless or until you clear the browser history it is easy to get back your deleted draft post.
  1. Look up into your browser history (or)
  2. Type blogger on address bar it will list some recently visited blogger sites.
  3. Open all the address to find the draft post.
3.Retrieve removed blog post with feed burner
                         whenever you create and publish a post on blogger the feed burner associated with it will automatically create a version of your blog post. To retrieve the blog post simply visit the feed address and there you will find all your feeds listed. 
Note: If you have set your blogger feed settings to Allow blog feed to "Short and Until Jump Break", it may be impossible to retrieve the deleted blog post with feeds.

4.Way Back Machine - Web Archive
                          Blogger will remove URL from its cache version that was dead for 90 day's, but we have another crawler called "way back machine" just like google crawler, this crawler also crawls and saves a cached file in its database. 
  1. Simply visit https://archive.org/
  2. Enter the URL into the search field and click browse history.
  3. It plot's the dates of the URL crawled last.
Hope you find it useful, and do comment below if you have any queries related to the content.


  1. thanks a lot!! it DID WORK ... :D

  2. My post http://justrumana.blogspot.in/2014/04/chilling-at-chilis.html?spref=fb is missing. I tried all your ways but couldn't search for it. I have other 5 post which are missing :(

    1. Try it once again, with all those steps mentioned above precisely (or) else elaborate your query if possible...

  3. I did all the steps, but every time I press the enter key it says "invalid page ID" Then it says the post ID. Even though what I'm using is the post ID.

    Are they supposed to be only numbers? Or are the also letters?

    1. Post ID is a random number genereted uniquely for each blog post..and it is different from blog ID. Check whether blog ID has been entered instead of post ID. Post ID contains only numbers...

    2. Post ID is a random number genereted uniquely for each blog post..and it is different from blog ID. Check whether blog ID has been entered instead of post ID. Post ID contains only numbers...

  4. great article helps me to recover my blog


  5. Hey please i cant see the edit option. can you please tell me where to find it ?


    1. In blogger dashboard click post where you will find list of articles posted by you, edit option will be provided underneath...

  6. Hey there I am having the same problems, and as I did witness my content being displayed with your steps I try to publish it, but theres just an error message saying:

    We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.
    When reporting this error to Blogger Support or on the Blogger Help Group, please:
    Describe what you were doing when you got this error.
    Provide the following error code.
    This information will help us to track down your specific problem and fix it! We apologize for the inconvenience.

    What can I do?! everything has been deleted by another person

  7. i made the owner my friend of my blog but now he will remove me from my ownership even blog does not showing in dashboard so how i will take back it from him please help

    1. Since u r removed from the blog unless ur friend adds u bak in the blog and give priviledge to be as a owner. U cant get it bak..always make third person as an author and not as a blog admin...

  8. hi, great post. I accidentally deleted a post dated March 16 at http://kratos-ljc.blogspot.com/
    None of the methods above work for me.
    I can can get the draft in my browser history, but when try to save it or publish it, I get a message in a yellow dialogue box that includes an error code, bX-u6q953.

  9. hi, great post. I tried all of your methods and couldn't get one to work. The blog site is kratos-ljc.blogspot.com.
    When I try to publish or save the draft version that I can access in my browser history, I get a dialogue box with an error message number bX-u6q953 and it says, sorry, we were unable to complete your request. Thank you.

    1. Check whether another post with the same link has been posted in ur blog or else try clear cache and then try

  10. Thanks a lot for better sharing. We have known actual tips.

  11. Is not working any more i did all the steps and at the end blooger send me an error and a code to supply to customer support

  12. Thank You Very Very Much..... I was really mad when my post got deleted due to some reason, now i'm able to recover it. Thank you so much once again.... Your Awesome .. do visit my blog at www.dailysmscollection.in ---- Faiz Israili

  13. My problem is keep on coming back. Just the last article, I finish , it was ready for preview, But I decided to add 2 more photos. I saved (hit the button safe number of times- it's not working) For less then 2 min. I left that pages, when I came back my article was gone. This happened to me few times. Only once I had situation, that while I am looking at my preview I see my article crushing and being destroyed in publishing. What you taking about is not easy to do, up to now I saw no positive results, but that might be that I do not understand something. From all of that only one thing I learned and that is with all problems with the tools, crushes etc I developed a great respect for all publishers here or on YouTube. It's just not easy. All the best to you. I am happy that you instructions work for somebody.

    1. Post content will be saved automatically at a regular time interval, during preview it will save the content also, if there exist a problem with your internet connection before saving the article, it wil not be saved, hence article cannot be recovered from anywhere.

    2. In your case you have left the page and closed it before it got saved, hence you cannot recover, even if retrieving through post ID works, you wil see a blank page since it was not saved..

  14. Nice Information! Thx for sharing your experience.

    1. Thank you for your feed back, stay with us...

  15. hi i am changing post id but i cant get my post. it says "invalid post id".
    please tell me how i can get back my post.

    1. Post ID includes only numbers copying additional details with the post ID will result in invalid post ID.

  16. Whenever I paste the postID, it says invalid page ID and then shows the postID number... Is there a reason for this?

    1. Make sure you type the post ID correcyly, and also remember post ID has only number.

  17. I am delete my blog but my 2 post is show. plz help I want to delete my post plz it is very important

    1. Once the blog is deleted, all the links/post associated with that blog will also be de-linked...hence deleted blogs post will not be accessible. However untill the next crawl by google search engine the article that you posted on your blog will be shown in google search result page, but will not be accessible by anyone...so dont worry...

    2. Try loading the webpage from different computer or else clear browser cookies and temporary internet files, because sometime webpages are displayed from cookies stored in the computer.

  18. Thanks so much; I just used the Google cache method to restore a post I accidentally deleted!

  19. This saved my life thank you. Sharing this !!

  20. Broken Blogger Logo
    Whoops, that's an error! (bX-lifgpz)
    This is what you can do:
    Try reloading the page
    Find other solutions
    If you need further help, you can report a problem and visit our support forum.

    i am facing this problem during retrieving :(

  21. Very needful article. Thanks i needed this, time to apply :-)

  22. here's the url
    but I wasn't able to get the blog!



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