How To Recover Deleted Email Messages In Gmail

Often it happens, when we have more number of email's in inbox, and simply don't want to waste time removing unwanted telemarketing emails one by one, and want to remove all in a single click, but what if we accidentally deleted an important e-mail, gmail interface possibly let you retrieve deleted email by visiting the trash folder and move it back to inbox.

Many has gone through this situation, deleting an email accidentally that has a particular emphasis on your gmail inbox. Whenever we delete an email from inbox it will automatically moved to trash folder, from where you could possibly retrieve it back.

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Note: keep in mind emails that last in trash folder for more than 30 days will be deleted permanently and never be retrieved. 

Don't know how to recover it? Follow the steps below to recover the deleted email in gmail.
  1. Sign in to your gmail account.
  2.  You will find search bar at the top, above the menu bar.
  3. Type in:trash in search bar and press enter.
  4. Emails that were deleted will be listed in trash folder and can be viewed.
  5. Since gmail will delete emails that remains in trash folder for more than 30days, move your preferred mail from trash to inbox or any other customized folder.

  6. To move email to inbox
    1. Simply select one or more mail from the trash folder.
    2. And click move to in menu bar above, a list of folder's to move will be listed out.
    3. Choose any choice to preserve your email from deletion.
  7. Now you have your deleted mail preserved.
    How to set trash folder navigation on left panel by default.
                            If you want to set trash folder as one of the label at the left panel for easy navigation, just follow the simple steps below to do it .
    1. Go to settings at the top right corner in your gmail account.
    2. Select settings and tab to label 
    3. Find trash in labels and click show to enable the trash folder on the left side panel.
    4. Now you will find trash folder on the left side panel by default
    How to recover permanently deleted email. 
                      Its quite hard to hear, you cannot recover deleted forever (or) permanently deleted email messages from gmail, but we have an alternative solution to back up all your incoming emails automatically.
    Backup emails with incredimail
    Incredimail - An desktop application to create back up copies of email.
                          This desktop application will let you create several email accounts and automatically retrieve emails whenever we are connected to internet.
    1. Visit
    2. Download the client software and run in your system
    3. Install the email client
    4. Once installed open the application and add email accounts.
    5. Add username and password of your email accounts each once to retrieve automatically.
    6. Now your'e done, enjoy.
    Benefits of Using Incredimail
    1. Send and receive email from desktop without logging into each account.
    2. Several mail accounts in one database.
    3. Email Signature, picture background and animated notifiers etc.
    4. Ecards
    5. Emoticons
    6. photo mail maker
    Note: you cannot recover or create backup of  previously deleted email.

    1 comment :

    1. This does not recover permanently deleted emails. This only allows you to pull items out of the trash bin, which is temporarily or pending deleted emails.



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