How To Create Multiple Twitter Accounts With Same Email ID

In most of the online account portal, a member of the website was not allowed to sign up again to create another account with the same email address.

Even "twitter" does the same thing - Does it really?

Yes, of course, if you try to sign up twitter with the same email address that you provided for your existing account an error message pop up's saying "This email id is already registered".

But if you want to create multiple twitters accounts for several purposes (For eg: if you are a manager of a company and you want all your employees to twitter accounts to result in your single email Inbox) you need to have multiple email accounts either.

2 Ways To Use One Gmail ID for Multiple Twitter Accounts
             To create several twitter accounts with same email ID, all you need is a Gmail ID nothing else. Two operators/symbols that have to be considered, and you can use any one of them.
  1. (.) Dot operator -symbol
  2. + Plus Operator -symbol
This is just because Gmail ignores these two operators from the username. For instance, if your original email is and when someone sends an email to then the email will still reach your inbox and delivered.

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No 1: Using (.) Dot operator
  1. Go to twitter sign up page
  2. Enter the existing email Id with the dot operator anywhere in between the username and sign up
  3. Your account will get success because twitter will consider mail with and without dot operator into two separate emails.
  4. But the resultant new aliases will reach the same email inbox.

  5. And you're done, create as many accounts on Twitter with the same Gmail email ID with the Dot operator.
No 2: Using + Plus Operator/symbol
  1. Go to twitter sign up page.
  2. Enter the email username and add +symbol with some words/letter after it (Note: Add + before the and after the username of your email ID)
  3. Anything written after the + will be ignored by Google and results in the same email inbox. Google sees and as the same email, but Twitter sees them in two different separate emails.
  4. Twitter will accept and says OK, and now you're free to create another account with the same ID.
Representational Image for all emails to result in same email Inbox.
Hope we let you know the trick, do comment below if you find it useful and have any queries.

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