How To Search Internet Effectively With Search Tags in Search Engine

It's not how much time you spent on the internet, but it's how efficiently/effectively you spend. Most often people waste time searching on google and other search engines for accurate result, but eventually end up with too many result including irrelevant results, because whenever you search a word or phrase on google it would possibly list out millions of pages that contain the keyword that you are looking for, to know the actual information, you cannot go and look into millions of pages that were listed out.
To get rid of this, Google and other search engines like yahoo, MSN uses search operator or search commands for the better search result.

How to use these Search Tags in Search Engine?
By remembering few search tags and appending it as a prefix and suffix of any search term will list the appropriate search result in no time.
  • Type the operator first and then domain name(example: check the below image)

1: Search Engine Search Tags List and Uses:-
  • site:      - To start a search within a domain or website.
    • For eg: Olympics   
  • filetype:  - Use this meta tag to filter searches with specific file formats
    • For eg:  copyright laws filetype: pdf
  • link:       - It will list the websites that have the link of the website you search for.
    • For eg:
  • related:   - find the related websites like the one you specify
    • For eg:
  • cache:     - This search tag is used to view the cache of websites, which will display the website, how it was viewed when it was indexed the last time.
    • For eg:
  • Info:        - Display's information about the URL including cached information by google
    • for eg:
  • define:    - Provides the definition for the query typed
    • for eg: define: anatomy
  • stocks:   - It will display stock information
  • allintitle:   - List out all pages that contain the title query
    • for eg: allintitle: America
  • allinurl   - It will list all pages that contain query word in the URL
  • allinanchor   - List out all pages that contain query as link text
    • for eg: allinanchor: Singapore
  • intitle   - List out websites with the specific title in query
  • inurl   List out websites with the specific URL in the query
  • inanchor   -pages with a specific keyword in the link text
Other operators:
  • movies: display movies and showtimes 
    • For eg: movies: gravity
  • "...": to find the ranges between
    • For eg: 200$...300$ Apple
Note: Don't add spaces between the operator and your query
Also check: search commands using operator for better video search in youtube.

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