How to Watch Online YouTube Videos Directly In VLC Media Player

Yes! you read it right, now you can play any streaming youtube videos directly in media player without the intervention of the browsers with the world's favorite media player VLC, which supports/play almost any video format's thrown into it.

If you're on a low-speed network, then just like you do in youtube wait for some time to buffer the streaming videos and then play to watch videos without any interruption/pause with additional playback controls.

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5 Reasons to Watch Youtube videos on VLC media player:-
  1. No need of browser (or) flash player plugin installed to watch videos online because you can watch live streaming online videos on VLC media player directly.
  2. Unlike youtube on browsers with no (or) limited playback, audio, video controls over the videos, Enjoy additional control's on youtube videos live with VLC media player. 
  3. Ads Free( Get rid out of Advertisement) - Ads on videos are fine up to an extent, but too much of ads overlay on the youtube videos and video ads playing suddenly distracting the content in the video will be very annoying. Whereas videos played on VLC media player live will be free from any form of advertisements.
  4. Irrespective of age, restriction you can play any videos without logging into your youtube account.
  5. If the browser tab playing Youtube video is idle and not active (i.e) If the user working on some other browser tab (or) desktop for a quiet period of time rather than the tab where youtube video was played, then most of the browsers will revive the idle tabs to minimize CPU utilization. that will result in a reloading of tabs which buffer the same data once again from the servers that drain the internet data substantially. Whereas videos once played on VLC media player will persist until the VLC media player is closed by the user,
Play Youtube Videos On VLC Media Player Without Downloading
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How to play youtube videos with VLC media player?
Note: We recommend the users stay updated with the latest version of VLC media player to avail all new features.
  1. Download and Install VLC media player 
  2. After successful installation, open VLC media player
  3. Then Go to Media menu at the top left corner of the player and choose "Open Network Stream" (or) use shortcut keys (Ctrl  +N ) to open a new media window.
    Open Network Stream - Paste URL and Click Play
  4. Switch on to the Network Tab and copy the youtube video URL that you want to play in VLC and paste it into the Network Protocol section URL.
  5. Now click the play button in the below right corner of the window to watch and enjoy your favorite videos directly in VLC.
Note: As an added advantage you can also play 18+ videos without signing into your youtube account, which is inappropriate for some users and requires sign in for age verification.

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