Chat Without Internet In Smartphone With Firechat App

Now the world is shrinking with such a new apps designed and developed by "Open Garden" application developers for anonymous chats and forming gang nearby without internet connection (or) mobile tower coverage to stay close with your friends & family members free. Since the release of this apps on Apple store, downloads were overwhelmingly increased more than 100k downloads per day.

Firechat has revolutionised the social media's chat messaging experience, which required internet connection or atleast mobile signal. This application is an enhanced verion of "iOS 7's Multipeer Connectivity Framework(MCF) concept, now developed for iOS devices like iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. 
iOS app firechat template
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How it Works ?
  • It creates a wireless mesh network (or) peer to peer connectivity. When someone uses this application will become an node and this node will stay connected with the other nodes using this application, like wise each node will be interconnected that enables relayed messages.
  • Each devices act as a node and the messages passed between these nodes. For example: if A,B,C are the three devices(nodes), whereas A connected to B and B connected to C, If A want's to send a data to C then B receives the data and pass it to C. Messages were sent securely so individual node B cannot read the message sent from A to C.
    Wireless Mesh Network For Chat Application
  • It uses bluetooth (or) any wifi support to create a network and transfer messages.
  •  With the multi-hop mesh network technology it can relay messages to long distances without internet connection towards any geographic location until there is a firechat enabled iOS devices exist within range at regular interval.
How to Use Firechat Apps:
    1. Download Firechat Apps from apple store, its free to use for devices running iOS 7 or later.
    2. Sign in with your name.
    3. When the user open the apps two options will be noted 
      1. Chatroom's with Nearby
      2. Chatrooms's with Everyone
    4. The chatroom's nearby searches only the users nearby bluetooth or wifi range. i.e. around 30feet(9 meters)
    5. The chatroom's everyone searches and list all the users on the firechat network. (Note: when you don't have anyone enabled with this app within the bluetooth/wifi range i.e 30 feet, you cannot send and receive messages among other's outside the range, until someone fills the gap)
    6. Select a person from chat list to chat with (or) create a group chat.(Note:
    7. And your'e done, stay close now.
    Features of FireChat:
      • Send & receive text message without internet connection and mobile tower signal.
      • Share photos and create group chat.
      • Simply login with your name, no password and email id required. 
      • Anonymous chatting experience.
      • Untraceable Apps 
      It is an client side application which does not have server for special monitoring and tracing. Even its hardly impossible to trace the no of firechat users, since it creates a localized network with bluetooth or wifi signals only. Internet/mobile users were rapidly increased but still there are some places that remains out of coverage, in such places firechat will make communication possible, that does not require any internet connection or mobile tower signal, For example places such as Hilly areas, natural disaster.
                            Currently supported for iOS devices alone, soon this app will be enhanced with additional features and extended platform support for android, windows, mac etc, depending upon its need.

      Firechat - app is now available for android devices

                      Good News: Now this app is ready to download & install in Android devices as well. To install this App in your android devices Visit: Google play store  

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