4 Things to Consider When Buying Gaming Laptops

What is the definition of a gaming laptop? Yes, we can say that it is any laptop on which you can play video games successfully; but a good one is that on which you can run all popular games at least medium details with at least 40 frames per second. If you want a laptop that can do that, you will have to splash some bucks; so you may ask yourself if that is a waste of money?

If you are a gamer, most likely, you have a good and expensive desktop computer, but if you are feeling lazy and you want to play a game on the couch, it would be nice that you have the possibility to switch over from your desktop to your laptop, for high-end battery power source can provide several hours of entertainment.

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Random access memory
For modern terms, having at least 8GB of RAM memory is a must. This will allow you, not only to play all popular games, but also to use specific programs such as AutoCAD, Photoshop and other a-lot-of-RAM-memory-demanding programs.
Video and sound rendering is also one of the things which will suck out all of the available resources, so video and sound editors, this one is for you. The possibility to increase the level of details depends on this factor, equally as depends on the next one.

Graphics Card
To run your favorite games on your computer, it is required to have a graphics card with a minimum of 2GB of dedicated memory. New generations, already have integrated graphics cards with enough memory to start the original game, including physics, complicated graphics and other treats, at about 40 frames per second. The most demanding games today include Batman: Arkham Knight, The Witcher 3 (Amazing one, recommendations!), even Skyrim with mods will put your graphics unit to the test.

The processor
The processor is the heart of your computer, and besides having enough RAM memory and good graphics chip, it is crucial that your processor is excellent. There is no dilemma for users, luckily. More the cores, the higher it will fly, so to say. Basically, this means that more tasks can be done at the same time, which will, naturally, increase the speed and smoothness of your game. i5 and i7 from Intel are the very peaks of modern gaming, and if you can afford one of those, you’re safe for the next few years.

Soundcard and the speaker cones on these laptops will give you the best sound that laptop can provide, including benefits such as a complete stereo sound, gut-shaking bass, crystal-clear treble and more. If I’m playing World of Tanks, for example, I want to notice a clear difference between regular and premium ammo, which can be only differed by the sound they make when you are hit. If I’m sneaking around Gotham as Batman, I want to hear every sound and squeak.

If you buy a good one, the only extra equipment that you’ll need is a mouse, and here, it is completely up to you. Razer, Bloody5 (My current, I love it!), Genius, Logitech, you want it, you buy it. Cable or wireless, it also depends on you, but you need to look out if it is USB. Although, USB connection is standard for a couple of years, yet still, look twice.

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There is one disadvantage of these racehorses of gaming. The price. Because of their equipment, they are usually expensive. But, if you take in consideration that the new gaming laptops have very appealing design, that they are not heavy, and (besides playing games) they are great choice for all who want it to work on them, especially if the computer graphic is a part of their job, you will realize that investing in a good machine will definitely pay off.

About the Author: Logan R. Grayson has been keeping up with the latest developments in marketing, online writing and tech trends in general for the past few years. His work at Technivorz dot com leaves him a bit of spare time, which he enjoys spending reading comics and walking his dog, Speck. Guilty pleasure? Yes, one. Video games. That’s how this article was written. You can also find him on Facebook,Google+.

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