Translate Visual Text Instantly With Word Lens Installed Smartphones

Translate Foreign Language With Word Lens By Quest Visual
Google has now acquired "Word Lens" all new apps that will let you translate any word or language in real time.  It translates any foreign  language into the preferred choice of language that seen through the installed smartphone camera.
                Ever since the acquisition of "Word Lens" from "Quest Visual" by Google, the downloads of "Word Lens" application on internet has gone viral towards smartphone users all around the world, and it also been listed in the recent release of Apple's Iphone 5s as an additional features.

Featuring video by Quest Visual

Currently supported Language pairs for translation:
  • English ⇆ Russian  
  • English ⇆ Spanish
  • English ⇆ French
  • English ⇆ Italian
  • English ⇆ German
  • English ⇆ Portuguese
  1. Instant translation to your preferred languages
  2. No need internet connection
  3. Easy to use on "wayboard" for navigation
  4. Supports translation even by typing them in.
  1. It translate only clearly printed text
  2. Cannot convert personal hand-writings and certain styled fonts
  3. It performs general translation, result could sometime may distinct. 
Downloading Word Lens For SmartPhones:
                       Now this app has been released on store's free for a limited period of time. Rush to store's for downloading it for free before it get premium. 
It requires nothing other than a smartphone installed with a "Word Lens" app, start translating the printed text just like shooting an image with camera. Devices such as Android, iOS and Google glass can now use this app for real life visual translation of printed text.

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