Get Mobile Thief Selfie with LookOut's Theft Alert App For Smartphones

Now you'll never lose your phone anywhere and anytime either you misplaced it or someone else tried to steal from you. "LookOut" a smartphone application that lets you track and control your device remotely.

     Smartphone users are overwhelmingly increased all around the world within a few years, it's turned out impossible to find a teenager without a Smartphone. Since then security is a major threat and mobile theft was the worst nightmare for users.

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What is "LookOut" ?
      "LookOut" is an security app designed for smartphones and tablet from THEFT, VIRUS and keep track of devices remotely. Its premium services includes
  • Phishing 
  • Malicious website blocker 
  • Privacy advisor
  • Image and call history backup on cloud 
  • Device-to-device data transfer 
  • Remote locking and wiping, 
How it works ?
            When a stranger tries to unlock your phone by swiping on screen with wrong combination more than 3 times, the "LookOut" app starts it work by secretly capturing the photo of the person through the front facing camera, then send's the image and geographical location of the device to the owner's e-mail address. Now you know where your device is, and who have it. 
Get your Mobile Thief Selfie With LookOut App for Smartphones
Note: Lookout feature "capturing the selfie automatically" works with android devices only, device with iOS are not allowed according to apple LOU.

If you have misplaced your device either in your home (or) places nearby and seeking for the actual location you can set an alarm remotely by login into your account,  and making it to ring as louder as possible to find it. You can also block user access and wipe the entire data's remotely by visiting you online account with another devices.
                  Its premium services include cloud storage - Sometimes memories are expensive and priceless than money, When a user snap a photo it will automatically stores it in cloud, so even if the device were damaged (or) lost, the data's can be transferred to a new device.

Check The Representation Video By LookOut Team:

"LookOut" Features Include:
                   Unlike any other mobile security application with antivirus "LookOut" has enhanced its feature by introducing mobile theft alert into the system. The Even more greater acquisition has been released in LookOut such as 
  • Captures Mobile Thief Selfie and Mail with Geographical Location.
  • Set wide Alarm remotely
  • Block user Access remotely
  • Wipe Data's Remotely
  • Defends suspicious Apps from installing
  • Cloud Backup
  • Mobile Tracker
  • Also serve as antivirus software for smar
LookOut Alert You When:
  • Incorrect Password Entered
  • Sim Card Removed
  • Airplane Mode Enabled
  • Phone Turned-Off
  • Device Admin-Disabled
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Download and Support
           LookOut supports smartphone devices with Android, iOS and Kindle as operating system.
If you are an smartphone user installed with Lookout,  you no need to worry about data loss and mobile theft.

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