How to Split Excel Values into Two or More Columns Using Delimiter

Most of us are aware of the concatenation utility support provided in MS Excel to combine two cell fields values into one. Whereas how many of us are really aware of splitting the concatenated values from a specific field into two or more fields values.

To achieve this scenario, like programming languages which use a separator called Delimiter to isolate different variables. Excel uses the similar delimiter logic to separate the data values of excel cells into two or more values in different consecutive cells.

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Separate Excel Data Values of One Cell to Many Cells
Just follow the below screenshot and explanation to achieve this split cells event in Microsoft Excel.

Split Excel Values Into Several Columns
  1. Step: Select a column containing rows of data that has to be separated and then Go to Data -> Text to Columns.
    Select Values then Data - >Text to Column
  2.  Step: Select Delimited and then click on Next immediately a new wizard (Convert Text to Columns Wizard) prompts like below screenshot for configurations.
    Convert Text to Columns Wizard Step 2
  3.  Pick separators from the existing column values for Eg Mr.James Smith contains (1 dot and 1 Space as a separator and then click on Next to proceed to final configuration settings.
    Convert Text To Columns Wizard Step 2
  4. Now select column data format and Destination columns(For eg $B$2 denotes the split values resultants starting from B column 2 row) and then click on Finish.
    Convert Text To Columns Wizard Step 3
  5. And you're done, the output will list in other columns based on the number of separators used and contains in the fields as per the below screenshot.


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