How to Download Facebook Videos Without Any Tools

We all have that one favorite video which we play it several times a day/week or even for months without boredom. When your favorite video is available offline, you can watch whenever and wherever you want without worrying about internet data thrift or connectivity or unavailability.
but if it is available on Facebook, every time you watch the video on Facebook, since after every restart the temporary data will be cleared, hence the video has to be downloaded again and again every time to view it, which will eat your internet data significantly. So don't let your internet data drain for the video that you play several times a day, instead download it once and watch it as many times you want in offline. 

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How to Download Facebook Videos Easily In Computer Without Third Party Tools
As of now, Facebook doesn't have an inbuilt feature that supports video downloads directly into the computer like YouTube which supports video downloads for mobiles. Even though download utilities are not provided directly by most of the social networking sites, we can screw them a little bit with third-party tools and online sites to download videos. But downloading Facebook videos with third-party tools as an intermediate is not advisable, because most of the hack attempts and security threats may intrude from these third-party tools.

Most of us are not aware that anything that is played on our computer, is actually downloaded elsewhere into the computer(RAM) and cleared after every restart. So now we know that the online video which we played on our computer is already downloaded. Here in this article, we are not going to look for the location where it was downloaded, rather we are going to define the location where it should get downloaded.
Note: Before attempting to download videos from Facebook, check whether it is hosted on the Facebook website (or) else just embedded on Facebook by other websites as a link. For example: YouTube video that is shared on the Facebook website as a link cannot be downloaded, However, any videos that are downloaded from different sites and uploaded on the Facebook server can be downloaded.
  1. Open Facebook website in your web browser
  2. Play the video that you want to download into your device
    Click to Play the Video
  3. Once the video started to play, right click on the video and select Show the Video the URL
    Show Video URL
  4. Immediately a dialog box with the URL of the video will pop up at the top of the video. 
    Video URL in a dialog BOX
  5. Copy the Video URL from the dialog box and Paste the copied URL into a different tab in your browser.
  6. Replace "www" from your copied video URL with "m" and press enter.
    Replace "www" with "m"
  7. Now play the video again and right click on the video and select save video as and name your new video then define the location to be saved and click on SAVE.
    Save Video as 
    Filename and Download Location
  8. And you're done, now the Facebook video will be started to downloaded in the defined location immediately. 

Additional Note: The quality of the video that you are about to download with the above procedure into your device depends upon the settings that you made in your Facebook settings. For high-quality video downloads, change your Facebook settings from default to HD if available in settings. to do so navigate to the following Facebook navigation. 

Settings - > Videos - > Videos Default Quality  and opt to HD if availble from the list.

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